The Pluviophile

“Rain, tears, rain, tears, 
Melding in torrential fears: 
Chill of cloud; saddened eye-
In either way, a latent cry.

Rain, tears, rain, tears, 
Married under sceptic jeers: 
‘They’ll never last.’ Methinks not true, for
Either way, forever blue….”

Just awoke in the couch after almost ending a book (which was in its last page) the night that was. While it still rests down on my chest, I was supposed to leaf through that single folio of few phrases when our roof sounded like deafening drumbeats. Ambivalent, I suddenly thought of a) the Bad News, that this might be what our newly-equipped forecasters have divined yesterday and cautioned us to heed or b) the Good News, that classes will be (un)fortunately suspended for a day or two again.

Aroused to senses, it occurred to me that I can indulge myself to several things I dearly wanted which then resulted to me disremembering one of the might-be-climactic-moments of my reading.

And so, there I was, interrupted.

Like any other cold mornings in the little attic where I’m roomed in, I rose up and subsequently rushed by my time-turning window, fetal-positioned. Yes, it seemed to be the zoopraxiscope (the first movie projector) of my own film reels that takes me to different scenes of my existence.

rainy-day-windowThe gloomy clouds freed thumb-sized droplets of rain accompanied by fulminating roars of ferocious thunder. For most people I know bad weather turn their days as blunt and gloomy as experiencing the rotating blackouts here in our metro. Admittedly, I belonged to that number then. Heaven’s downpour unconsciously detaches me from what the world has to offer. It’s like I am widowed from being united with myself, my thoughts, feelings and whatsoever. I usually feel secluded and enjoined with the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, especially when I’m close to drowning in the River of Styx five years ago (read my ‘Metanoia’ post). Both literally and figuratively, I fear of being drowned by it in my own emotions and certainly, it always leaves me diving into a puddle of tears. Feeling detached, it seems to immerse me in oblivion, pushing all the negativities I could relate with, the reason why I came to despise everything about it. I was a pessimist not until it unraveled a new fancy and changed many of my perspectives.

“Hey Sir, cheesecake later?” she invited as I’ve seen my phone blink with such message pinned on.

Without any doubt of accepting her call or even grabbin’ a bite that time, I sent my approval in no less than a sec. It was a definitive “Yes” on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In spite of having talked for only a few times since we’ve known each a week back, there was no way of faltering around.

Oh my God, is this the thing they called fate? Well, the next best thing to heaven for me is this rich dessert having a firm custard-like texture, made with cream cheese and topped with a jam-like blueberry mixture. I love to crave for cheesecakes since the day I first knew how to make one and now she’s also into this hunger? Such thoughts gradually circumventing at the back of my mind.


Prepped in a fancy dress outfit, she went inside the car after I offered her a hand. My insides were actually throbbing to the fact that I don’t actually know how to get there; I was just confident in pretending that I can get us through it. After a series of intellectually-guessed turns, Voila, hello cheesecake cafe!

stock-footage-two-lovers-holding-hands-and-kissing-under-umbrella-in-the-rainIt started to drizzle when we decided to get out and run inside. Before, it used to ruin my moments, but then again, without realizing what the reasons were, it’s as if the universe conspired to bring me to that fleeting moment. I could easily believe that it was the forever of the while. As the spoonful of sweets reached her mouth, I was painting a beautiful picture inside my head.  People say when you’re in a date (which we never realized we were on), it’s certain that one is into you if he or she cannot consume what has been prepared. And it did happen for BOTH of us. Well, you’re thinking what I’m thinking then.

Inching down the stairs outside, with the drizzling earlier becoming stronger, I paused for a moment, staring at her. “‘twas a hell uva crave. You know… this cheesecake thing,” I said finally.

“…which we both love,” and immediately whispered to myself. “Thanks!” I added.

She hugged me, but the umbrella I’m trying to open made it hard to hug her back. I could feel her on her tiptoes. Her arm leaned on my shoulder and then her mouth was right up against my ear and said, very clearly, “I. Will. Love.

Craving. Out. With. You.”

The rain started to pour a little more. That feeling where you want to paint a smile as much as you could, plus the rain which made you wanna snuggle the cool side of your pillow. That feeling where everything’s like a sequence of a movie, where you two did some takes and when it’s on its final, you see everything in slow-mo. The rain. The leaves dancing. The imaginary senti background music playing. Just Perfect.


From Rick Riordans’ series that were made to life in silver screens down to unleashing the childhood in us through Disney’s music, we both encountered the magical moments set up by the lambent rain.

“Well, it is better read than watched onscreen,” she concluded after seeing the demigods for real far from the imagination and the things we read (another commonality to note there).

We were striding one of the metro’s central business districts under the night rains on our way home. The rushing breeze scared her and while squeezing ourselves under the shade of a single umbrella and wrestling against the wind currents, she slid her right foot on a greasy path which consequentially made her bent on her back. I caught her with my left arm, and me losing my equilibrium as well, swiveled towards her facing the ground with our noses an inch apart from each other. For seconds I robbed a stare at her half-closed 20/70-visoned eyes, sparkling, as it reflected me who was caught ‘daydreaming’ in broad night light. And again, we were as though on cue on-cam, shooting the romantic scene of our forever amidst the pouring rain.



Indeed, to borrow what the alchemist had said to the boy, “Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”

“Crap that two-hour traffic! It’s past eight o’clock and we’re really late this time!” I yelled in rage after we went out of the car and scuttled hurriedly to the theatre complex.  Nikki, the one hosting the show, journeyed back the crowd to some special Disney memoirs, a sort of opening intro I guess, when we arrived in the scene. Thankfully, we made it just a little less in time.


Left LSS (last song syndrome[d]), we left the hall filled with childlike bliss in our hearts as we strolled outside and looked for a place to dine in.

8394522635_fa859d835f_z1“The. Best. Night. Ever,” she clearly proclaimed in glee under the moonlit tree. Until, the same thing happened (like two meetings ago) from above. You know what I mean. Wink*

 Running soaked with hands held tight together, it’s as if it’s a can-you-feel-the-love-tonight-in-a-magic-carpet-ride heck of a feeling that very moment…worth cherishing, something I hoped would never last.


Sometimes, what we thought of a nightmare before will bring us an opposing blissful feeling today. This is how life plays its role on every phenomenon. A thing never holds and stays only as to what people destined it to be. It constantly changes, so as our feelings towards the simplest occurrences here on earth.

Just like the rain. It enthralls me now; it soothes the very roots of my being providing a kind of fantasy I’ve never imagined. The drops that hold the fondest of all memories. The pitter-patters that sound like music reverberate the voices of people oh so dear. One that could take you back to your yesteryears and unleash the child in you as you take a plunge under the heavy rain together with your co-cutie comrades. One that could bring you to your memorable dinner with the entire family sipping some creamy hot “champorado” (sort of a Filipino-style chocolate rice porridge). One that could relive your sweetest romance while taken aback, frozen nose-to-nose with the one you love.

I want to listen to the rain and take out a fragment from my memory lane. Whatever it brings, I just want to hear the same music and play the same zoopraxiscopic scene again and experience forever like how  it should supposed to be.

Now, I am back to the couch and flipping the last page I left unread:

“Rain, tears, rain, tears, 
Simple love with lacy cares, 
Their intercourse will ne’er refrain
From rain and tears and tears to rain.”

So was the Pluviophile – a lover of rain – which I have become.



Huminga ka nang malalim. Lunukin mo. Sagad na sagad. Kahit mahirap, mabigat sa kalooban.

Ito ang madalas masakit pakinggan galing sa mga nauna sa amin. Tipong tingin nila kami’y walang pakialam sa mundo, salat sa kahinugan, mapusok, at higit sa lahat mapagmataas sa lahat ng bagay porke alam diumano ang lahat.

Millennials” ang tawag sa kabataang ipinanganak daw ng taong 1980 hanggang 2000. Makabagong kabataan kung sila ay tinagurian. Nawaglit na sa eksena si Batang X; si Batang Y na daw kasi ang pasok ngayon. Sila ang mga “Selfie dito, tablet doon, kompyuter dito, party doon” na tipo ng mamamayan. Kabarkada si pareng Google kapag may hindi maintindihan, kalakwatsa si mareng Waze kapag naligaw ng landas, sakay kay kuya Uber kapag tinatamad. Isa lamang ang nakikita ng lipunan sa mga milenyal na ito, wari’y mga nilamon ng kabihasnan at laganap na kaunlaran, inanod ng kahapon at ng bayang humubog at kinagisnan. Subali’t taliwas sa napupuna ng karamihan ay yung nag-aalab na mithiin ng mga ito na dakila’t mapangitain para sa bayan.

Ayon sa pinakabagong pagsisiyasat ng World Economic Forum, marami sa mga milenyal na ito’y nakikita ang mundo na sagana sa oportunidad at itinatalaga ang mga sarili bilang kabilang sa mga makakapagpabago nito anumang pagsubok ang dumating. Salungat sa mga dumaang henerasyon, naitala rin na ang mga makabagong kabataang ito ang pinaka-aktibong miyembro at malakas na boses ng sambayanan. Oo nga naman dahil sa Pilipinas pa lamang, saksi ang nagdaang eleksyon na nakasalalay ang mayoryang boto ng bansa sa kabataang Pinoy. Tatlumpu’t pitong porsyento ang naitalang pwersa nila noong nakalipas na halalan kung kaya’t malaki ang papel na kanilang ginagampanan sa anumang tinatahak na landasin ng bansa. At ang kanilang kapanganakan sa panahong lahat ay nasa mundo na ng teknolohiya ang siyang nagbigay-daan sa kanilang maiparating ang mga hinaing at saloobin hinggil sa mga mahahalagang usapin ng lipunan. Makikita dito ang layunin nilang magbigay dunong at kaalaman para sa ikakaayos ng kapwa, ng sanlibutan.

 “Ipakita mo ang tunay at kung sino ka, may’ron mang masama at maganda…” ika nga nila sa isang awitin.

Ang sari-saring persona at katangian ang siyang nagbibigay rin sa kanila ng pagkakakilanlan at bersyon ng kanilang mga sarili na siyang sumasalamin ng kanilang adhikaing ipagmalaki ang sarili sa paraang tapat, tunay at totoo. Naging mas bukas ngayon ang kabataan sa pakikipag-kapwa-tao. Nalusaw na ang hiyang nagkukubli ng mga itinatagong katangian bagay na nagbigay-daan upang ipahayag nila ang sarili sa mundo nang may tiwala sa sarili at lakas ng loob. Walang ibang patutunguhan ang larawang ito kung hindi ang mithiing makamit ang taos-pusong pagtanggap ng madla na magdudulot ng katiwasayan hindi lamang sa sarili kundi para sa lahat.

Pakikiapid sa pangkatang layunin. Malakas na katangian rin ito ng kabataan ng bagong henerasyon. Ang pagsali o panguna sa pulitika at iba’t ibang sibikong proyekto ay nagbubuklod sa tila napagkasunduan nilang layunin na baguhin ang mundo. Naging talamak ang pag-usbong ng kamalayang panlipunan, bagay na hindi nagagawa noon man. Kasabay ng larawang itong malaya sa impormasyon ang pag-usbong ng mas aktibong Pilipinas. Mas naipapalaganap ang kahinaan man o kaginhawaan dahil sa larawang ipininta ng mga kabataang ito. Aspetong sosyal at pulitikal ang minimithing ipinagtitibay ng ganitong konsepto na siyang inaasahang magdudulot ng bagong direksyon patungo sa tunay na tuwid na daan.

Hangad din ni Batang Y magkaroon ng maayos na pamumuhay sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon ng malakas at malusog na pangangatawan. Sa kabila ng pag-usbong ng mga bagong karamdaman ay siya ring pag-unlad ng kamalayan ng milenyal sa usaping pangkalusugan. Hindi alintana ito dahil sa pagsulputan ng mga bahay-bakal na siyang pagpapawis ang inaasam. Isinalalarawan nito ang katangiang pagpupursige ng mga kabataan at pagkakaroon ng determinasyon sa sarili para sa mas mahabang pakikipagsapalaran, para sa ikauunlad ng isang malusog na bansa.

At dahil sa pagkahumaling sa teknolohiya, walang ibang ninanais ang batang milenyal kundi simulang tikisin at bigyan ng pinong hugis at maaliwalas na anyo ang hinaharap ng bansa. Gasantol man na buto ay kayang lunukin para mapatunayang taliwas ang tingin ng mga nakararami tungo sa amin: handang magpatawad, magpapababa, mag-alay ng sarili kahit hindi man mauwi sa libingan ng mga bayani.

 Tulad ko, hindi kami perpekto. Naniniwala akong ang yakapin ang paparating na bukas na may matatag na paninindigan at sapat na kaalaman ang bubuo sa isang tunay na Pilenyal– isang Pilipinong milenyal na magkukulay sa ngayo’y madilim na liyenso ng bansang Pilipinas.

Lunukin mo. Ipagmalaki.  Isa kang dakilang Pilenyal.

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From being immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday, I now begin to see social media posts of different sceneries, lads bearing weights and overdosing wheys, girls shunning every carb on plates, henna tats pierced through many skins, and sunnies shown off in every corner of the streets. For a year after the other, I can now feel again the scorching heat seeping through my dainty membranes…

Taddah! This only means one thing- summer’s inception, baby! Finally, it has arrived. The most anticipated season where everyone plans to escape outside this metropolitan oven we are trapped in every single day. Better off be ready for this one’s gotta be another crossing-out-the-bucket-list story we’ve been waiting for!

Being as atypical and unconventional travel junkie as I am though, I wanted to flee and tread another path off the beaten track, up above the peaks together with my “Power Rangers” team. I missed  clambering up to the zeniths, breathe in fresh, clean air and be one with Mother Nature. Mind you however, preparation is a bit “pissing” especially when your excitement overpowers your capacity to become unwavering.

Folks, worry no more! With the rampant ballooning of new technologies and internet invasion, shopping has now come easy to our fingertips. Lazada, the Philippines’ one-stop-online-shop will save your day and help you pack everything you need just in time this summer.


From a wide variety of products and brands, this successful e-commerce tool made way to reach us out even to our doorsteps.  Yes, delivery at its fastest. To add more, it goes with a regular discount voucher promos which could hardly tear off your precious secret pockets. EFFORTLESS SHOPPING indeed!

Going back to my planned getaway, let me share to you Five of my Must-have Items readily available at Lazada:

First off, sporting with a cool backpack is hotter for trekking trips, isn’t it? This heavy-duty tactical rucksack will surely keep every valuables safe and secured. I used to prefer bags with many compartments for me to just slide through everything in a snap. It’s water resistant too, thus making me want it more. It would be just perfect to be my camping-buddy.

Lazada Bag

Alongside every journey, who would want a lonesome trip all along?  While inching to our destinations, this waterproof stereo MP3 will  sure to entertain, if not lull me to sleep during long hours of travel. Plus, it’s waterproof that I could bring it with me in dips and splurges to rivers and waterfalls lying ahead our itineraries.

Lazada MP3

Trekking is but a long journey that sometimes we have to make a halt and rest to spend the night. Lazada makes it amazing! This is no problemo as they have a tent available bundled with a solar LED lamp and sleeping bag all in just one affordable purchase! Where in the world could you find such offer as this?!

Lazada tent

Also, in between rest periods and while feeling the wondrous masterpiece of creation, I feel to bring with me binoculars to peep through closer with natural wonders. This might be an awesome one to have.

Lazada Binoculars

Lastly, who could ever forget one precious invention when traveling? Be it through phone, a digital or pro one, pictures still paint a thousand memories especially this selfie generation, thus a camera in either forms is a MUST. Well for me, an affordable sports action  one will surely suffice.  Whatever activity we are into, this comes very handy and light in stealing some photo ops along the way.

Lazada Action Cam

So there you have it, folks! Yes, we all have our own picks on what to bring during our summer escapades. But one thing’s vital, pack ahead and remember to shop through Lazada when everything seems tough and lacking. Just pick and go, name it and they surely have it.

If there’s one mall saying they’ve got it all,  then Lazada has its own version within the web-o-sphere too. And they definitely got MORE than all.

 Have a LAZADA-BEST summer everyone!

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Haring araw sumilip.
Nagsisiga ng apoy
sa dibdib ng dalisdis.Sikmura’y kumakalam
hindi inalintana.
Ilog pa’y tatawirin.

Langit man ay tumangis,
kakayod, magtitiis.

Pipila’t mag-aabang
sa riles ng kawalan,
sa baluktot na daan.

Init-ulo’y kapalit
Mahihinto sa trapik.
Pagliban ang sinapit.

Takipsilim darating
walang maiuuwi.
Magdidildil ng asin.

At sa bukang-liiwayway,
batingaw ay tutunog.
Mundo’y hindi titigil.


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I Just Feel like Saying it

No, I don’t say it often.

It’s too rare a case that I say it. I only say it when I feel like saying it. I don’t want to oblige my self the way most people do whenever they toe the mandate to say it. I don’t say it only because of the imperatives. And I don’t say it just because.

It is not that I have the most brilliant philosophy in the galaxy. Neither is it because I have the loftiest way of reasoning. Nor is it because I am prideful or haughty. It is not also that I am bright and wise. As a matter of fact, I have already experienced being in the stupidest of things. I know how it feels like to wrestle with the repercussions of my wrong decisions.

It is true, though that I often deviate from what is typical. For no reason, I tend to break what is conventional. It is my nature to oscillate about and go beyond the confines and commonness of generality. I seldom join the hype, and I rarely jump on the bandwagon. No, I’m not fond of Nutella. I don’t like Coke. And I don’t like Milo. BUT I love Lily’s. I like the look of Pepsi. And I drink Ovaltine.

So, whenever I hear the lines “Hey, you should always say it.” and “You must say it now!” or “We should say it every day,” part of me always wanted to resist. There’s nothing new in me resisting, anyway. I am a stubborn Taurean who vaporizes his own horn and assertively eyes for what he believes is beautiful regardless of the majority’s opinion and objection.

In addition to this attitude problem, I often ignore criticisms, and most of the time, I do not believe in praises.

Freely convinced that it is doubly interesting to patronize something that is not liked by the majority, I dwell on peculiar angles not usually seen by many. Or to rephrase it: what others see is ugly is beautiful to me. And what I see is trite is ideal to them.

I must confess, though, that there are also times when I am not being me. There are times when I ought to like things that I don’t like just to feel some sense of belongingness.

But not on the frequency and wavelength of saying it.

I am a moody introvert who catches the fancy of aloofness as I paddle my own canoe towards the catalog of my interests. I ache with loneliness as I build my own world. I mean my galaxy of interests. A place in the vastness of the universe where I can release all the pain in me. That very sense of being part of something larger than me can somehow bring unexpected peace and help repair my emotional wreck. Because I live in that atmosphere most of the time, I have often been misunderstood, if not criticized.

SOME GOOD PEOPLE would say that constructive criticisms are good for me. For us. But the way I see it, there is no such thing as constructive criticism. For me, a criticism is a criticism, and to classify one as constructive is a graceful exit to being blunt.

Of course, everybody will disagree with me.

It is at the cherry that the readers and even the lexicographers, together with the philosophers, will decry my logic and rationality if I aggress by saying that I see no valid way of branding a criticism as constructive or destructive. Either of which is a criticism, and my stand is that we cannot validly fix its classifications.

To read between the lines, that state of being constructive or destructive hinges not on the criticism itself but on the purpose or effect of the criticism. Neither does either state hinge on the manner of criticizing, but on the manner of taking the manner of criticizing and the very criticism.

Taking a criticism constructively does not posit that the criticism is constructive already. Neither does it posit that the criticism is destructive already if it is the other way around. A criticism branded as constructive by one may be taken destructively by another. And a criticism classified as destructive by some may be taken constructively by others.

To reconcile my way of thinking with those who negate, I could patronize theirs if I would be freely convinced by their definition that a constructive criticism is a kind of censure or disapproval whose purpose or effect is good and helpful. The reverse is increasingly true of destructive criticism.

But then again, and as insinuated earlier, the purpose and effect of criticisms vary, switch and intersect. How could we qualify the validity of classifying a thing if the bases of its classifications are varying, switching and intersecting?

Before the readers call me imbecile, let me tell you a secret: It is my intention to bait this not-so-mind-boggling-yet-appearing-labyrinthine subtopic on criticisms not merely because I have regard with the validity on how and why it is classified, but mainly because of what I will declare in the next two sentences. I just did that not because I deem I have a point, but because I want to multiply opposing responses from the audience. I just did that to trigger intense reactions from the readers, without them knowing that they are just being maneuvered to participate and rebut as they read.

Of course you wouldn’t laugh. It is because I am not good at joking.

prayer-1This piece of writing, anyway, is not about criticisms or jokes. This is about saying what has to be said and the ‘frequency’ of saying it. I just inserted a “discussion” on criticism because the last paragraph prior to the one beginning with “SOME GOOD PEOPLE…” is full of wounds.

And I don’t want yet the oyster to be mortally wounded and die and become a pearl.

An old adage goes like “Whenever two good people argue over principles, they are both right.” I don’t know who said this. Well, no one knows. To associate this adage with what has to be said and the frequency of saying it, to say it always and to say it seldom can be both right. One on the side of saying it always is equally righteous to the other on the side of saying it seldom. It is just that I don’t say it often, and I am not on the side of saying it always.


Do the why and the it still remain in a big red question mark? What is it? And why not say it often? I don’t know! Do we always know? Or maybe I knew it. I just didn’t know that I knew it already. Sometimes things like this happen. And sometimes things like this happen like this.

It so happened that I don’t say it often.

It’s too rare a case that I say it. I only say it when I feel like saying it. I don’t want to oblige my self the way most people do whenever they toe the mandate to say it. I don’t say it only because of the imperatives. And I don’t say it just because.

I rarely say it because I believe that it is PRECIOUS.

I only say it when I feel like saying it.
Sincerity is saying it when you feel like saying it. And saying it with sincerity is like having it conveyed even without you saying it.

Only then will my eyes sparkle for REAL.

On the other hand, saying it routinely will, in a way, make it a custom. A norm that has to be followed because everybody is saying it even without the feel to say it; but only because they are occasioned to say it. To many, too, saying it always has been the standard of expressing it even if it sounds HABITUAL rather than CORDIAL.

It is just that, like some, I deviate from the norms and customs of a preset way of expressing it. For me, the say-it-everyday-just-because-someone-might-be-dead-tomorrow is a diamond-hard imperative that has grown into a splendid culture or tradition. A convention designed and engineered through auto-mechanical performance.

Say it.
Is it possible to never lose the pleasantness of a repetitious song sung in its soullessness?

I don’t know.
Have we always known?

Part of this piece may sound selfish and impolite, but this is an honest-to-goodness lub-dub of my heart. 

© Juancho

PANSOL: Home away from Home

If there is one and most usual way to escape from the metropolitan oven, that‘s SWIMMING.

A dip into various pool resorts quenches your thirst for some summer action and what’s more fun is spending it privately with people dearest to you- family, friends or loved ones. Isn’t it exciting? Isn’t amazing?

To top the list, one of the ‘bestest’ places Manilans tend to go out-of-town for (plus time and budget saving) is going to the nearby Calamba, Laguna, whereby a barangay called Pansol is known for its haven of privately-housed hot spring pools and inland resorts.

IMG_7002In lieu with such, this is also to promote one family friend’s private pool – Jocris Inland Resort. Located just along the main road right beside Max’s restaurant, you’ll come across a block going inside where several villas nestle enclosed by different gates. You may opt however huge the area you want depending on how small or large your group is.

At a value of P8,000, you can already rent a villa overnight good for 20-25 persons except for holidays and peak season, otherwise expect rates to rise up to P12,000 for a whole night stay. Take a peek on the insides of Jocris’s resort.

Here’s the façade and the outside view of the big villa you may grab with the hot spring pool refreshingly welcoming you at once.



This bigger resort houses three bedrooms (one below, and two above) where king-sized double-deck beds let’s you and your bigger family or barkadas spend those pajama nights and have some spacious pillow fight games to spend the night over. It’s fully air-conditioned as well to keep you cozy and fight the scorching heat of the outdoors.



Celebrations mean sumptuous feasting, thus this also comes with large spaces for kitchen-lovers as well as table benches perfect for ultimate boodle fiesta or midnight booze.


Who doesn’t love entertainment, man? To cap the partying off, bonding is absolutely spelled as F-U-N with a microphone on one hand and karaoke in front. Yes, there’s a nonstop hitting-of-high-note performances when you opt to stay in any of Jocris’s villas. Not to mention hitting the eight-ball too, as guys may battle for several matches on its billiard bay.


For emo’s (emotionals) longing for sweet or serious convos, you may also stay upstairs and enjoy star gazing or feeling the nighttime breeze at the veranda.


Now, all you need is to pack light and you’re off to go! Pansol vacation is like at home away from home. File out your leaves and have your getaway anytime, all year-round.

Let my every dream be yours as well. Be KEVINSPIRED.

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