Social Networking Sites: Boon or Bane?

Social networking sites (SNS): boon or bane? Let’s try to dissect every detail I know and what I believe is true with such kind of trend among the youngsters worldwide.

BORed day.

Gloomy was the weather outside, the angry rains heavily plunged down from the charred clouds as though the heavens above were madly punishing the human race. Well, half figurative, half true, but indeed, wet season commences. Egay and Falcon down, hello 15 more typhoons!
Boredom. Basically, such season suggests anyone to sing one of Bruno Mars’ latest hits, The Lazy Song. Certainly, seeing the outside mood, I’ve nothing to do but recite these some-sort-of-potion lyrics to fans like me, later drive me crazy mumbling. “I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed…” Exactly, the last song syndrome (LSS) strikes again. Two things could probably stand as the reasons why I helplessly sang the lines over and over again. First, of course, due to the weather, which urged me into dormancy, second, boredom, and third, maybe I just want to escape from the fact that I’m being left Home Alone again while Dad’s on a trip away.

No choice, I have to rise up myself again as early as possible, prepare my breakfast of instants and of course, review, review and review and when got overloaded, head on to my handy-dandy laptop, and venture beyond cyberspace to surf, post and update.

Facebook. Twitter. Multiply. I have these, and such are the only few of the latest dishes prepared and sautéed in our country’s kitchen nowadays. Social networking sites (SNS): boon or bane? Let’s try to dissect every detail I know and what I believe is true with such kind of trend among the youngsters worldwide.

Why BANE? It has been noted that a lot of issues have been dissipated rampantly all across the globe, especially here in the Philippines; media as the greatest victim to count. Gone already are the issues of defamation (libel), copyright infringement, scandalous sex videos and posers’ spread, what’s on the peak now is the trickery happening among social “friends” which soon turn out to becoming hideous, resulting to gruesome crimes which threat all users of every kind. Take for example what actor Ricky Rivero underwent. Because of trusting somebody from a site, he subsequently found himself in a near-death malady and was put in peril.

With about four million people opening their accounts everyday, who knows who among them are true? Are good? Accepting friends isn’t a taboo at all as it is really it’s (SNS) main purpose, however one must know also how to keep themselves private even when journeying through the web. Many stars have also come to taste an exchange of bitterness right in front of the public’s eye within these sites, thus relationships were broken, friendships were as though clicked into ‘dislikes’. The passed bills concerning the regulation of the use of such in the Congress are a testimony on how these problems add up to the enigmatic state of our poor country.

The BOON.Despite all these unfortunate events happening, still Zuckerburg and other developers of social networking sites wanted to promote their primary goals why they’re bringing up these: building connections and communication. To these they have efforted much, we in return must put effort to make it for all good. Apparently, they must still be proud of their innovations. Somehow to some, such goals are realized in a smoother and peaceful way. Just as for me, this very day I came to find my old pals, where ages already since we’ve last contacted each other.

…wanted to promote their primary goals why they’re bringing up these: building connections and communication.

Through this, I have also sent and expressed my warm special day greeting to Sr. Eleonor, SPC, my beloved principal in high school then. Unexpectedly, I did thought to discover some of my few contemporaries left here on this modern earth, an extinct-of-a-kind bud whom I share lots of commonalities with, somebody who listens and gives thoughts, advices and develops esteem, one who strengthens, and inspires and supports towards your success in every endeavor. Simple things; simple yet drives the good in it. This is how SNS works in its truest sense.
Hence, social networking sites are neither all good nor all bad. Bottomline, know who to trust. Use everything (esp. the latest trends and modalities) the positive way. After all, as they put it, it’s up to you when to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’, as long as you know the corresponding consequences of such action.

Anyway, it’s also time that the gloom of the skies stopped as the night approaches. Stars then gradually pierced through the dusky clouds, I was relieved. The weather, the rain, the boredom and the web- all these taught me one thing: that all things signify for something purposeful. All these helped squeezed out sensible thoughts in me that could help transform, inspire…

Thank you Lord for all these realizations, these people, these blessings… this day!

It may have started with a bored day, but then again, it ended and turned out into BORED one. Yes it’s a Happy BORED day 😛

(on Saturday, 2nd of July)


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