Fallen Crest

Alone on one nook, I was mute.
Alone on keyless shackles, I was ceased.
Yes I am there, though I was not,
generating nightmares of uncertainty.

Empty, I don’t have anybody;
empty of everything that the world has.
A man on an island, that was me
counting every grain, every grain of sand.


My crest had fallen, don’t know if I’m in.
Drooping is my spirit going down.
My crest had fallen, no one’s inspirin’.
Below is my game underground.

Dim, the moon lurks from me showing its back.
Dim is the life I’m living, Oh so bad!
Pretense, I’m masked, where am I?
Searching endlessly for him who’s “I”.

Numb is the feeling entirely.
Numb, as no one to count on in my journey.
I’m alone, with no one in sight
Always gone through the winds solo flight.

When is the time I was one?
When is the time I’ll be two?
Be out of this monotonous blues.
And hear someone say, “Hey I’m with you!”.


 *this is my originally-composed song years back. Emo. (x_x) Haha.

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