My Film Dream

Everyone has a dream of how they want to live their future. Some aim to be rich monetarily owning luxury cars and mansions, some would want to lie on bed of roses, and there are those who hungrily yearn to ace in the society. Oftentimes however, it seems so impossible. It’s not just a matter of producing a film into a blockbuster but rather, it’s more of having attitude, faith and action to reach it. Yes, nobody holds it; the future is ours to direct.

Today, we have quickly embraced ourselves with the rampant technology. There are Androids and YouTube which can instantly capture and play movies of different stories. But just like these, we too can create our own visual movies in mind essential in helping us generate the will to propel us to work for the future we desired.

It’s March 2017, I just finished marching down from stage receiving my diploma for the Doctor of Medicine degree and delivered my honorable speech for an A+ performance during the course of my study. “I am now a certified and licensed physician!” I yelled with bliss. Few months passed and I am now practicing my profession, not in the usual sickrooms, but there extending my hands to those in need in the far-flung areas where accessibility of healthcare is the hardest. I founded my “Clinic on Wheels”, an avenue representing not only my dream for the sick, but for the world as well, hoping to influence and reach the world in time. Since “karitons” or wood-wagons are of widespread use here in the Philippines where the poor use them for bottle and old newspaper collection, I design my own that could be steered and ran like a usual vehicle, turning it into a mobile clinic to cater sidewalk and less-fortunate patients giving them free check-ups and assessments, health education and other services. I am there continuing my mission as an Ambassador for Health, helping the United Nations meet its goal of lowering the morbidity rates and improving health especially in the developing countries worldwide.

Thus, this is the film of my divined future. Becoming a family and community physician is simply my dream. You can do the same too to create yours.

ENVISION. This is what I’ve been doing ever since as I look into the mirror seeing myself all-dressed in white. I envision trying to determine what shall I do to ensure the fulfillment of such dream into reality. I imagine trying to foresee the cure not only against pathological illnesses in health, but as well as against the social illnesses of the people over the world. “I want to move people, inspire, and care for treatment, for counsel.” Anyway, sky is the limit when we dream.

Optimism is one key. I think for tomorrow as how I envision it to be. We author the book of our own lives. We direct the blockbuster movies where we star. Such element of positivity is a motivating force that will catapult us into the zenith of our dreams. Personally, with this as the armor in my quest to becoming a doctor, I believe that in no doubt it would be realized potentially. And by the way, it’s contagious. Being optimistic in oneself is as making others think the brighter side as well for them. This is the ATTITUDE we need.

Another key to unlock the future is FAITH, both in one’s god and in oneself. I see that for those who are quenching their desired tomorrows, they attain their dreams because their thinking coincides with their conscious desire of the future they wanted to build. Yet, what hinders some to achieve their dreams is their subconscious disbelief to themselves when problems come along the way, though a part consciously aims to fulfill it. This destroys one’s vision, creating an incongruity between what one does and what one must do. As it is said, “Faith can move mountains”, indeed.

Best of all, taking ACTION despite all odds is still the one of paramount importance. Nothing would be impossible if I would focus on persevering and dedicating myself in everything I do.

This is willpower, our propeller towards soaring beyond the castle of our dreams. Attitude with faith plus will for action surely help us paint the future we sketched. But unlike how every movie runs today, there are no rewinds, no replays nor fast-tracks in this movie of life. The least thing we could do now is to envision and strive.

Hence, this is the film of my dream. And I strongly believe that no one could pause nor direct it the way I produced it to be.


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