Juan, stuck on his Olympic Dream

      Commenced on 8th Century at Olympia, Greece, the biennial sports gathering “Olympics” has already grown in scale where nearly every nation in the world takes part to vie for such prestige.  As ages come closer to its present London Olympics, more and more people are hooked up to witnessing this festive and majestic event, from its grandest opening down to its competing games where every fan of it goes loco to be part of the  history in any way they can.


         Of course, this is a battle of the best sports icons and nobody could stop the contenders from pulling off one another. The heat boils up to an immeasurable degree as teams’ supporters swarm in crowds, even breaking in the social media where participants send fighting tweets with one another.


          Now, the question is where are we during the hype of these?


Where is Juan then? Expect turning over more pages and scrolling down to the last parts before you’ll find where he stands.

       For one, I am used to checking the news and online sites to have bits of what’s happening during the Olympic Games. From time to time it’s been my conscious desire to flip on the pages to seek for the medals table excited to determine who leads on top or clinching towards it for that matter. However, I am always saddened by the fact that you don’t need to expect seeing the Philippines on the first page of it. Where is Juan then? Expect turning over more pages and scrolling down to the last parts before you’ll find where he stands. Until when is he going to be stuck on this slot?


       Epic fail. What’s the use of going into such competition when he’s not giving a good fight from the start? Eleven participants could never move mountains, however you do it. This is a quest needing a long time preparation and support from the government. I don’t know where should the problem be traced, but whatever it is, Juan should not be deprived of his right to realizing his dream.


      Amendments of the laws especially those focusing on sports should be facilitated. The pressing problems on the lack of physical equipments by the athletes must be answered soonest. These facilities aside from providing comfort, serve as refuge and training grounds as well for the trainees that could catapult them to their fullest potential. It may seem to be a small thing, but great things might spring from there. I truly see that this country has a lot of sports enthusiasts who can make a thing, only that they need a harness to build themselves better.


     Hello Philippine Sports Commission?  Someone’s hoping for your best service, appropriate service.You’ll never know, Juan might learn how to stand up the next time around because of you.  



2 thoughts on “Juan, stuck on his Olympic Dream”

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