Havoc to Remember

      Tomorrow’s gotta be another day. Certainly, I can attest to that. Though things may seem to flow smoothly these past few days, okay routinely I must say where all I had to do is spill off the sand sprinkling from my daily hourglass like how the usual goes, this very day captured everyone’s attention, literally EVERYONE as not only me, but almost the entire archipelago wakes up in the midst of the wavy oceans of fear and cryptic tragedy.

         It was Tuesday and not so special day for me supposedly. Rising up in my not-so-usual-time to prepare for my morning bite, it was as though my Mom pulls me off from my bed like before when I had no choice but wake up that early due to the deafening roars of the heavens simultaneously capturing me by flashes of light like it’s a photo op day.  Terrified. Headlined that night before was to anticipate a gloomy weather caused by southwest monsoons for today, not like this encapsulating darkness of horror for a very early morning rush!

        Strange. It really did appear one. I was puzzled by how the events came in a kaleidoscopic view, disorderly for that matter. I own the house that very moment while my Dad and the rest were still in their deep sleep. Peeping by the gates outside for a clearer scene, I saw a fast moving current of muddy stream gushing down the hilly streets from afar, yes, I’ve seen not a road instead.  Okay, this is already havoc, I said to myself. And one thing: this could already be the truest movie-title denotation of The Wrath of the Titans; no I mean, of Nature instead, the real version.


       “Sometimes, what keeps us away from perceiving the real thing is our subconscious disbelief to ourselves and our God.”

        Nature’s wrath starts to rage our worlds now. And I began to be adsorbed by the paranoia that’s taunting me. It’s the doomsday. The two by two’s on Noah’s Ark. No, it’s 2012: partying like it’s the end of the world. The Revelation. Waaaaaahhhhh!!!! Panic.

         That was tough! Hey but seriously, as I skimmed through the daily tribune for that day and switched the television to the newsroom, I was flooded by pictures and video stories of the live happenings outside the metro. Philippines is surfaced by waist to neck-deep flash floods which even trended up to the different social networking sites which I have opened. My heart stumbles in dismay as the catastrophe got more serious and serious every hour of the day.

On news break:

Southwest Monsoon causes heavy rainfall in Metro Manila


      “Treating everything as a blessing differentiates the possible from the impossible as optimism brings forth the rainbow at every end of the rain of life.”

      Now, from this current saddening enigma we’re facing, I spent the day together with my pen and ironically ventured to a meaningful journey which gave birth to these dissected realizations:

What spares us Filipinos from the rest? It’s the tourism slogan!  Who could afford to smile and never brag about the disastrous situation they’re facing? Who could take snaps of poses amidst the crest and troughs of water currents? Talking about business, who can still think of unique ideas to enjoy earning in the middle of the deluge? Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines! – a simple proof clearly depicting what it tries to promote. It’s the ingenuity of this race that stands out when put into these kind of situations. Unmindful of the protesting groans of their tummies, those unfortunate families still beam their gleaming smiles seeing hope in these waters gushing through.



         “More than any prominent and famous superheroes everyone has named, it is the hero in us that defines the real essence of such word- unnamed yet genuinely alive.”

          With the plight of such tragic incident come forth the innate traits of valiance and bravery. It is in this calamity that brought out the heroic side of every Filipino. Social media has been a witness to such endeavors made by those fortunate to shun the fangs of the plucky monsoon. The streets were submerged not to mention the networking sites which were also flooded by woes of empathy and compassion by supporters around the globe to help the country on rising up. These may just be through text brigades, hashtags and post shares but they have already moved the hearts of those crippled victims. Volunteer rescuers and relief operations instantly and rampantly washed out all the worries and fears leaving hope to each and everyone. Certainly, harmony springs from every downpour of life.

As they say there’s a rainbow always after the rain. And it’s true. Literally, that colorful arc may not come out in front of our sight, but deep within us that thought would always live in our hearts giving us hope to rising up and a fresh beginning to starting anew.

     Luckily, I may not have experienced the effects of such disaster as my fellows did, but it still sound like I was in it too. Such awful incident woke up my consciousness leading me to scribble such thoughts which are worth the bad weather. Now is the very time to be stewards of the Paradise He has bequeathed us. Now that together we have been splattered by nature’s wrath and together too we have survived, may that experience wash away the hideous side of us. And together in our memory will live this havoc to remember..

Here’s more of what had happened..

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