Reality bites ‘what-should-be-Real’

Voting lines are now open!


     With the extensive outgrowth of reality television shows around the globe, such spiel above came to catch the crowd in excitement. This could also be attributed to the rampant development of technological modalities and gadgets which gave birth to this means of determining the champion in various contests onscreen.

     Here in the Philippines, citizens openly embraced the sprouting of this kind of TV shows and more people were hooked into it. As of press time, I am watching the franchise of The X-factor, a television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell. It originated in the United Kingdom, where it was devised as a replacement for Pop Idol.

     The word ‘reality’ does not hold true to what the real actually means nowadays. And I am saddened by such facts that are happening today.

     Here are some of my personal reasons why I don’t like the idea of voting, particularly through text, towards the revelation of who really deserves to be champs:

     For one, business as usual, I must say. TV networks in cooperation with telecom companies may conceal the transparency of votes making those contestants who are mass-magnets (both those loved and despised by the audience) stay in the competition to attract viewers that will help the production a big hit thus stay in the limelight.     Yes, there could be manipulations happening behind the curtains where the public doesn’t know. Who wants to lose a target market and rating shares anyway?

Image         Sympathy. I don’t know if this reason has also become evident to other countries holding such contests on TV, but here in us, it seems to be very obvious. Okay we cannot simply shun the fact that we Filipinos have this innate trait of being lenient in all ways. But oftentimes, it already becomes over-compassionate to the point of losing oneself to the real thing, to who really deserves as far as talent competitions are concerned.

Image     “The wealthier the more chances of winning.” Voting as the sole if not the major determinant in giving birth to the winners greatly affects the entirety of the results. Politically speaking, we understand that the hometown or city where the contenders came from is a plus factor as their fellowmen invests on them by showing full support. However in some unnoticed cases, winning through text voting may be rooted from the financial capacity of the family, the (influential) relatives and supporters of the entrant. And if this really happens, then it’s a sad truth to the credibility and reliability of the shows.

     Well, we have nothing to do with this. These thoughts are just creations of my keen observance. Hopefully, all of these are not true and that the products of such reality shows actually arrived to get the champ slots well-deserved. Hail to those who made it because they are one of the ‘what-should-be-Real’ winners!

     A lot may be against to this kind of method, but still majority continues to embrace and love this way. More and more people are complaining, however these too are sometimes the ones dying to keep such shows on trend. Ironic.


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