Running a Milestone

Tie those running shoes and prepare for a RUN. Lubricate those wheels for a smooth trip before you RIDE. Screw those tiny pieces to secure your every ROLL. Run. Ride. Roll. To keep those healthy bods fit while giving your hand for a cause.

It’s Sunday, 09.30.2012 and I woke up while it was still the wee hours of the morning. I have been looking forward to this event for months already and now it has indeed come at hand. Prepped up and all set prior to going to the venue, the heavens unfortunately showered its heavy drizzles and made the roads slippery and wet. Tsk. I prayed for this not to happen, but anyway, it might be God’s way of gracing the day.

Early traffic surprised me along the way. The taxi meter keeps on speeding though we hardly move a meter literally. Call time’s gonna be at 5am and I was still halfway to the circle thus I decided to take a walk. Hey, it’s a fun walk anyway. That was already the beginning of my warm-up routine before that pistol shoots up in the air.

Yearly, this run for a cause is held with a desire to help in the rehabilitation of the Pasig River, a tidal estuary stretching along the tibutaries of Metro Manila connecting two large water entities in the area: Manila de Bay and Laguna de Bay. Before, the Pasig River’s used to be an important transport route in Spanish Manila. Due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become much polluted and is considered dead (unable to sustain life) by ecologists  as of press time thus giving birth to such activity that would help clean the waters.

Ready. Get set……Boom!

There we go. With about 95,000 people participating in this special fun run cause, I too submitted myself for the 5-km run. With every step I made, one trash would have to be eliminated from the dirty waters. With every drop of sweat my glands produced, I’m though assured that 1L of clean water will be able to be banked on the rivers. With every pound of my chest during the course, it was as if one family would be guaranteed of fresh air and greener surroundings in month’s time.

From children to teenagers to young professionals, elders and disabled (on wheelchairs), nobody stopped us from lending our time for this eventful run.

With this vision to help save the environment, I ardently believe that soon, Pasig River will become resuscitated.

I am excited to experiencing more of these fun yet fulfilling activities soon.

Yes, I may not have ran a mile, but my every step left a milestone and hope to this nature’s wonder.


2 thoughts on “Running a Milestone”

    1. Certainly bagotilyo, life’s essence comes at times when you attain self-fulfillment. And through such activities, it’s as though you’re cradled to a heavenly purpose of helping. Thanks!

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