Penning the Future we Dream

“Attitude with faith plus will for action surely help us paint the future we sketched. But unlike how every movie runs today, there are no rewinds, no replays nor fast-tracks in this movie of life. The least thing we could do now is to envision and strive.”

 I scribbled some thoughts hoping to make a difference for the youth and the world. I squeezed my emotions down to its finest to contain drops of encouragement, inspiration and driving force to move the people of my generation. I jived sincerely into every jot of ink that comes with my pen and made my dreams draw in fervor. And by this very day, I learned that those dreams I’ve painted in that sheet of paper now turns into bits of reality.

As I surfed over the internet yesterday, I came to click on the bookmark I had saved on top of my browser’s menu bar. That was just a typical surfing day supposedly when something bolting happened. Yes bolting, as literally I nearly jumped off my seat when I saw that adrenergic statement flashing right in front of my eye. My chest’s pounding like the tectonic plates beneath the ocean floor. Geeesh! Months after I finally submitted this piece now’s the time to unravel!


 Fickled to hit the click button that will open the news link (Winners Announced) , I did it anyway after some time. There came then a list of winners playing kaleidoscopically in front of me. I was happy to see the victorious titles displayed on top as they indeed sound like empowering especially to the youth. I scrolled down a little further and wait…. I found my name!


That very moment then seemed to freeze my world for a minute or two feeling heterogenous emotions of surprise, frustration, joy, excitement, disappointment and pride. What a contrast isn’t it? Yeah, I know. But these were I felt during this point in time.

Having been into the National Youth Commission’s seminars way back, one of the organization’s officer then whom we dubbed as Sir Joepep is consistently providing us e-mails regarding various youth activities, international contests and conferences and thanks to him that I learned about this writing tilt. Goi Peace foundation and UNESCO organized this International Essay Contest for Young People this year aiming to empower young people, reach out to them, respond to their expectations and ideas, and foster useful and long-lasting skills. With these reasons and with my desire to contribute something for the world through my scribbled thoughts, I dared to take the challenge for the sake of passion and inspiration.

With the theme “Creating the Future we Want”, I write together with my dream, I dream together with my unwavering zeal. I dedicate together with my ardent desire to make a difference. And here it is now, fortunately, I unexpectedly see my name belonging in the roster of winners making it as an Honorable Mention among 11,857 other hopeful ideas from 151 countries across the globe.

Of course, I could not be prouder with this achievement. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime privelege to be part of this endeavor which does not only showcases one’s knack for writing, but reveals as well one’s ability to influence and inspire.

With the fast-paced evolution of our world today, sometimes we really need to spare time to pause and envision for everyone’s sake. Drastically, everything at present  transforms so quick and there are times where we often go astray from our path. We hold no lives, we hold neither the world nor time. So if there is a thing we could do every moment we breathe the air, take it and live it the way it should be. The future is ours to create, thus together let us help make one hope, one goal, and one dream….and that’s to make a place where harmony and progress live in.

From this day onwards, I am now submitting myself for the world. As long as circumstances would permit me to, I would always strive to scribble more pieces that could help sketch the future of humankind. But since I could never do this alone. I’m inviting you too to become one.

Come on, be a catalyst of change. Make a difference from now on. Inspire.

(Here’s to those interested to read the whole entry: Directing the Film of My Dream


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