Making simple things happen

Have you ever tossed a coin and shot it inside a wishing jar? How many wishing wells have already been into your favor? Are those wishes made by a lot of fairy tale leads really coming true?

Most of the people today depends their lives on the wheel of fortune, I must say. As the world revolves in its natural turn, there has been the rapid mushrooming of recent modalities and technology which made the track into a faster pace of a trail. We chase pavements. We follow trends. All is going euphoric.

But isn’t it that happiness can be achieved even in the finest things available?

Many whisper to the coin to be the brightest among the stars. Some ironically climb that ladder of pretense just to make them appear greatest in the coin itself. Others succumb their most valued principles in exchange of fame. Yes, one is entitled to yearn big, but that entails another big effort as well to persevere in realizing those dreams.

I never blew candles for quite some time. Ever since, I’m never into surprises nor used to be the king for a day or two in any way. Actually, I lived in the reality where superstitions and magical illusions don’t exist, to the thought where everything is just bound to be seen and witnessed before I can say “it happened”. Maybe that’s because I seldom shoot a coin into the ancient jars or wishing wells. But I still know, EVERY DREAM COMES TO LIFE.

As such, I am hoping as well that such dreams would turn into reality in due time. Now that the end of the world will finally come tomorrow (you know what I mean), let me list down the things I am interested with, those which make my day a little more #KEVinspired in one way or another.

Image1. One of my frustrations is to walk the aisle wearing the Filipino Barong Tagalog along with a “Sablay” (as they call it) in the shoulder. Now that I am back on my way to pursuing my dream, I am deeply praying that the heavens above will don it for me in the most perfect time. Recently, I have just taken my preliminary steps towards becoming one of  the best fascia-slicers in town, and hopefully in God’s grace and with the help of some people around, I can enter into the portals of that asylum and be one of them who will have the opportunity to be granted that special garment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to this wildest one.

Image2. With my frail body and personality, I am inspired by how Captain Steve Rogers pursue his military dream to serve his countrymen. Although it may be just in some other means, I have similar aspirations as his, the reason why I am hooked into hoarding whatever stuff represented by him. Be it insignia, his famous shield, a standee or if you’ll be kindest, a life-sized statue, I’ll be the happiest person in the world receiving any of it for my collectibles. P.S. Those serve too as my souvenir for whoever gives me, so you might want to be remembered as well?

Image3. I’m not fond of sweets, but Dairy Queen’s blizzard ice cream and ice cream cakes blow me away! This is my next big thing to heaven. Aside from boosting my happy hormones whenever I have my crest fallen, such indulgence simply makes me as vibrant and productive in whatever endeavor I’m into. It’s like my energy booster for the day. Please, can someone take me to heaven then?

Image4. Time has been an important element in my daily routine. I couldn’t live without knowing any of the time around. Ironically, I may be the person who comes late in all stuffs (I admit so don’t make me feel a crap more), having a watch seems to be my security blanket even before my juvenile years. I feel like going nude without it embracing my wrist even while asleep. Since I am a sentimental type of guy as well, I really do appreciate and value every minute or time I’ve spent with somebody or something else, seriously. More than accessorizing, it simply turns me to become sensitive and mature. But I would love to have it in BLUE anyway. 😉 And by the way, I’m not a brand kiddo, be it 2nd or 3rd hand, from Greenhills or Divisoria, I would love to keep it though.

Image5. Going extreme? I’ve never been into it yet! All my life went as facile and meek as being a couch potato at home. We were never given the chance to go on the fields and get that hurt and stuffs like that, and now that I am living my world today, I wanted to experience fighting with the crest and troughs. Limitlessly, I wanted to go on surfing my way out in famous destinations in the country and wrestle with the angry rapids of nature. Howdy, this might bring me more confidence to face my fears!

Image6. At a glance, I may look that petite to you but hey, I eat a lot. Seriously, that means REALLY A LOT. I am a rice guy and I consume a lot of rice more than the dishes chomped. What awes me most, especially in those freaking moments where I feel like exhausted, I go with friends for a FEAST in buffets. That’s approximately from late afternoon lunch up to dinner, usually.  Dimsums, California makis and sushis- these are what driving me crazy full. I’d be happiest bigtime if somebody will give me a pass or invite treat to such. Haha

Image7. Grey’s Anatomy? House? I don’t need them right now. For me to become what I wanted as mentioned above, wisdom and knowledge are what I find. I may not be the typical nerdy bookworm guy, but I would appreciate dumping me with any kind of neuron-exploding medical books whatsoever. Cenutries old or freshly baked doesn’t matter anyway. I’m just thirsty.


8. Speaking of thirsty, I crave for the latest fad in the world right now- MILKTEAS! With its rampant widespread here in the country today, I really don’t miss any blunt moment not quenching my thirst with those pearls. Yes pearls, I’m not that sophisticated to ask for wintermelon and whatever-salted-chu-chu’s, I just love being classic. Galloons of it will suffice me really. Make it 100% sugary by the way. Wink ^^

Image9. I remember my childhood days getting hooked with the NASCAR, Gran Turismo and Formula one, not to mention Schumacher’s and Guidicelli’s then. That may not be the wildest, but I wanted to spend a day whirling around on laps, no brakes until those tires exhaust to its most extreme. Yolo! Bring me there. 1,2,3 Let’s go!

Image10. To top it all, I could never be happier than having these two people with me right on that special day for a date. Either of them will do, but BOTH is a lot better than a jackpot. A shoutout or fansign will never move me; I wanted a KISS from Anne on my left, and Kim on my right. This must be crazy but I’m never closing my hopes for it. The first is my ultimate crush, the latter is my girl.

Now, head or tail?

I would never bet for these things to occur, but I believe I have YOU who can make these simple things happen.


18 thoughts on “Making simple things happen”

      1. haha oo nga,kaya fave ko ang mang inasal at tokyo-tokyo.niloloko nga ko nga mga barkada ko sa dating office sa ortigas nagsara daw yung Texas Chicken sa megamall dahil sa kakahingi ko ng extra rice haha

  1. #5. Re: extreme.. you might want to try dragon boat paddling, if you consider it as an extreme activity. And if you are interested, Pwede mo i-try sa team namin..

      1. And you only need to bring yourself at damit na pwedeng mabasa (mas okey yung drifit, yung parang mga isinusuot sa takbo).. papahiramin ka naman ng training paddles.

    1. It’s my pleasure having you followed my blog. Since I am into the healthcare field, I appreciate every post you make, and it helps me refine my knowledge. Kudos for more blogging years!

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