Sighs on Travels and Majayjay

I got stinky, I got dirty, but see, I learned.

I remembered one time when a kid said this in one of the TV milk commercials.  And so goes when you venture beyond traveling.

For years, I am jailed into the scene where all I have to do was to perform best in all endeavors and excel, where you are being looked up for making everyone proud of your accomplishments. Thinking of such lost chances frustrates me, and it really sucks! I envy those who wore smiles and were feeling content. Now, I wanna indulge myself into some sheer adventure and of course, lots and lotsa TRAVELS.

Traveling has been one of the experiences I have learned to give up back then.  A lot of opportunities knock my way which could supposedly fly me into places I never put my feet grounded, yet I sacrificed and paid no attention to it. Later then I realized that being great is not only measured on how you strained your neck by those golden achievements, it is more on HOW FAR you have gone through and explored the world barefooted.

You know, it’s late when I thought of how lucky we are to be stewards of the creation the heavens bequeathed us to live and nurture. But I know likewise that it isn’t late yet to give in to these adventures the world can offer. Coincidentally, it was few days ago also when I came to pass across Jeff Goins, a blogger from Nashville whom I see as my inspiration starting today because of his moving insights and knack in writing and speaking.  He proposed traveling while one is young to Experience the world for all its worth. And there I am struck and hit by far.

Certainly, with life’s transient presence here on earth, we are liberated to do whatever we want while we are young. We live in a world of uncertainty. We may never know how soon will come for us to be six feet below the ground. When time grows weary, we can inevitably lose sight of what’s important. Let’s not wait for it to happen. Travel young bud. Grab all opportunities for you to grow. Explore.

For me, I will never let more chances get out from my very palms again!

Subsequently, I started tripping over an adventure to recover my past wounds. Here’s where I’ve been to just last week. That’s a double treat: pre-celebrating Earth Day with nature’s wonders as well as having my pre-birthday getaway with some blogger friends.

Knowingly, Philippines, having its archipelagic doctrine, beholds plenty of bodies of water and scenic natural formations which some are left untracked.  In order to escape from that scorching heat summer brings, I dove into the idea of abandoning the metro even just for a couple of days after confirming an invite from some of my blogger troops.

It started from the Gil Puyat Station where we chose our rendezvous to be. Be sure to come prepared with all your stuffs and gears to avoid being dumped, unlike me who just came from a provincial work and as ever arrived late again.

Bound to Majayjay, Laguna which is 120 kilometers south of Manila, you have to take RIDES before you can get there. First stop, ride into a bus going to Calamba, Laguna. That would cost you P78.00 at least under an air-conditioned DLTB Co. ride. It’s one heck of a cozy journey for two hours (depending on the traffic situation), enough to view the green meadows from the windows and spend some chit-chatting along the way.



Upon arriving at Calamba, you can head on to the SM mall for the UV express van ride going to Majayjay at P120.00. Terminals are usually found at either back or side of it and for Majayjay goers, that’s located just across SM Starbucks for that matter.

TIP: It’s perfect to drop by then for some groceries to consume for a couple of days. Majayjay is an abode close to nature situated by the woods and access to commercial stands might be hard. You can enjoy the readily available fruits and veggies around the backyards though while you’re there.  

After almost an hour of cruising by the woods, you can perfectly appreciate all the greens and pastures we luckily have. Just hold on because you’ll be travelling zig zags and a lot of curves just like you’re trekking into the Kennon roads of Baguio. Don’t miss the fun ride and you’ll sure to meet the end with a sigh.

Trivia: Yes sigh, because Majayjay came from the Filipino word “maraming haay”, which in English means, “plenty of sighs” as it indeed deserves countless sighs of appreciation and admiration from tourists and alike after getting in touch into its creations.

Once you get there, you will come across a block going to the falls. That’s one tricycle ride getting there. A P20.00 DENR fee will be paid as sort of entrance charge, not bad, which will be used for maintaining the site as well.

TIP: You can also stay overnight in the nearby rooms available just before the FALLS if you wanna spend the night jiving with nature. YOU MIGHT AS WELL CONSIDER BRINGING YOUR TENTS AS MOST TOURISTS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER WITH THE NATURAL AMBIANCE.

Taddah! You will be now trailing by foot down to the nature’s wonder.


Also known as Taytay or Imelda Falls, Majayjay falls has been one of the most kept treasures of Laguna and an attraction to both local and foreign tourists. Found along the Mt. Banahaw outskirts, it is truly a breathtaking experience reuniting with Mother Nature. Beaming at same height as of a two-storey edifice, the falls perfectly embraces you with coolness deep within. It’s a kind of hidden Paradise after the trail where you can see a splendid ambiance brought about by all green creations and the crystal clear waters.


While going imminent to the awesome sight, you will be feeling the cold seeping through your bodies giving you an overall good feeling. Wading into the ice-cold gushing waters will wake up all your senses where you can even turn a warm drink you bring into a refrigerated one. COOL! Even sitting atop the rocks, one could already experience the escalating feeling of positivism and good vibes.




Of course having just a dip into the pristine waters will forfeit your purpose of having that superb experience. Since it’s my first time as well to see a falls right in front of my very eye, I never let this chance to pass out for any instance. Soaking into its coolness provides you with a different kind of satisfaction just perfect to fight out the summer heat indeed.



Before wrapping up, it’s best then to capture every memento with some friends and grab photo ops with the natural dramatic backgrounds. Image


From now, let every travel be a profound witness of our existence. When something knocks at our doors and invites us to some adventure, let no “but’s” and “should have been’s” allow us to be cowards at all. They are pernicious. They may sound like we have the best of intentions when really we are just too scared to do what we should. There are a lot of things to explore in this dainty world. You may get stinky from all the mudpacks along the trails. You may get dirt and wounded from aggressively climbing those steeps. But nevertheless, soon you’ll see and appreciate what learning it could give.

Don’t squander time. Travel the world for all it’s worth. No excuses, just GO. (Sigh)

Credits to my companions for the photos. You may follow them too as you wish:

17 thoughts on “Sighs on Travels and Majayjay”

  1. hello, Kevin… hala pa, parang ang lamig at refreshing ng tubig, pati ng greeneries sa paligid. kayo na… btw, may overnight ba sa Majayjay or day time adventure lang? thanks and regards… 🙂 ~ ate san

    1. Hello ate san! Thank u sa masugid na pagsayang ng oras sa blog ko. Hehe. Ayun, yung feeling na naliligo ka gamit ang ice-cold tubig galing sa ref? Ganun. Sobrang lamig nga pero mas masarap maligo kesa magtampisaw lng. You notice I have a red-eye in one of the pictures, nung naligo ako nawala na. Sobrang linis kasi. Awesome experience talaga. For us, nakitulog lang kami sa kasama namin malapit lang dun. But bago ka bumaba ng falls, meron namang mga rooms dun for overnight stays and mostly nagbabaon na lng ng tent at dun mismo sa tapat ng falls nagpapalipas.

  2. Wow kevin, na miss kong bigla ang majayjay falls… dami ng bago oh… i’m planning to visit majayjay after eleksyon..hope makabalik ulit… di ko na kasi kinarer ng mag seven lake of laguna ako last weekend…. hehehe

    1. Nakakmiss nga naman talaga ang Majayjay. Naisin mo na ngang tumira dun because of the serenity it brings. Malinis, magaanda, lahat lahat na. You could always go back to it naman eh. Ako I’ve heard of the seven lakes at yan naman gusto kong mapuntahan. Yolo! Salamat sa dalaw.

  3. salamat kevin for promoting our majayjay falls in brgy. taytay,. truly an unforgettable experience

  4. maganda nga dito ako rinn nakapunta na..malamig ang tubig sobra…nuon hindi pa siya masyado crowded mas masarap mag stay lalo no kung kaunti lang ang tao..ngayon marami na dumadayo..anyway sana nakapag enjoy ka naman at masarap parin itong balik balikan 😉

    1. Tumpak ka diyan MyR! Unti-unti na siguro itong natutuklasan ng marami kaya dagsaan na ang mga dayo. Ganunpaman, di pa rin maikakaila ang ganda at kapayapaan nitong taglay. Salamat sa pagbisita!

  5. woow :O napaka adventure naman dyan parang ang sarap i-try… 🙂 haaaaay bata pa ko nakapunta sa laguna na may falls wla pa msydo alam ang isipan ko ngyon malaki nko i want to GO there w/ my family ……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. dude, I would gladly be a travelmate. Love to travel the Philippines with friends that have been frustrated in the past. It’s like rejuvenation and indulgence to what good life has to offer. let’s backpacking one of these days.

    and yeah thanks for the follow! Carpe diem!

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