I’ve Fallen into (your) Ice

If there is one thing I hate the most, it is falling.

In this circle of life, you might encounter different scenarios wherein you’re in the verge of a perilous fall, or almost. Might that be on an edge of a cliff, under an ongoing construction site of a skyscraper, biking on that serrated road or even into the arms of someone you get obsessed with. Crazy, but these sometimes bring us into consternation.

On a serious note, I have fears on driving myself into those situations (especially on the latter piece) where actually there is always that inevitable leeway of getting HURT. No band-aids can heal the wounds marked by trippin’ over from such occasions. I personally despise being lacerated by the reality that we are all prone to all kinds of falling debris brought about by this insidious world.  Getting bruised or dumped however often leads us to several realizations which seemed forsaken. Each fall creates not a trench of desolation but deep craters of learning experiences that enliven up our weaknesses towards achieving a valiant heart enough to face this tricky hole called life.

Anyway, since summer isn’t over yet, I’ve found ways to escape this archipelagic oven again. Back to my younger years, I always wished to snow during summer season to battle the despicable warmth it conveys. Add up to that, I also yearned to set inside a rink and glide my way freely as if I’m the happiest in the world.

And so goes Ice Skating. Having been situated near the equator consequently destined to experience summer season as this hot, Philippines has innovated its way to cool down those hot-tempers and brought the ice for real for years already.

Very unlikely to have it at first to a tropical country like the Philippines, it really did come to life when the first 849 sq. meter ice skating rink in the country opened up on September 4, 1992 inside one of the largest malls in Asia then. For years, it has become one of the unusual but well-liked recreational activities of Filipinos, kids and young-at-heart alike, which subsequently turned out to a fun sport everyone loves.

To date, the latest and largest is widely present in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City with the other one located at SM Southmall in Las Piñas City.

Realizing that dream to skates, I made my way out for a day to enjoy the UNLIMITED Skating SM MOA Ice Skating offers.

First up, secure a P390.00 fee for an admission pass. Prices vary and cost higher during weekends by the way. That’s enough already to submit yourself for one heck of a gliding day. For children who need their adult aides, a companion pass of P100.00 will be charged.  First time to wear those boots? Wanna indulge into the cool breeze but scared of getting hurt? No biggies to that as they also offer an Assist Program at P150.00 where you will be given a 30-minute tutorial on the basics of getting through it. If you happened to bring a lot of stuffs and plan to overspend the day, you might rent a locker for P30.00 and voila, no worries for your precious possessions!


Upon securing all dues, heads up now for the entrance! Skaters will be given an identification wrist tag which is barcoded to ensure every customer’s entries and exits. This one’s pretty cool, but be sure to follow the instructions on how to keep it effective. There are crews that would reach help once customers overcrowd the gates anyway.

Wrist Tag


Getting there means fitting your boot size then. Just after the gates you will see boot sizes to fit in for you to gauge what should be the right thing for you. Have these reminders be accomplished subsequently.


Once preferred comfortable size is confirmed, you must head on next to the booth rental station. Here you have to file up and wait for your turn. Booth designs may be different for you from the others but it doesn’t matter anyway.


Immediately after receiving your respective boots, find your place on the benches available and don your snow boots. Be careful of its base edges, you might hurt someone next to you.



TIP: Tie your boots securely and may round the lace on your lower legs to fasten more. Let the knots be shorter to avoid any slips during the glide.  

Tie the lace

All set

You’re now ready to hit the ice!

After Boots

But before that, consider reading the house rules to keep the game on the safer zone. If you have reserved a locker, it’s then time to let your baggage be stored.

TIP: As much as possible, never accessorize. Falls are foreseeable; body accessories will cause further harm. Leave whatever gadgets as well to avoid possible breakage.

House rules


Locker Number

All set and there you go! Skating is fun and challenging, but gradually it can be learned. Once on ice, always keep that confidence, no shakes, just relax and expect getting drooped.

 Step 5

Inside the rink

MOA Skating RInk

TIP: For first-timers, you can do the penguin stunt to walk on ice. That’s putting your ankles together and spreading your toes apart and doing small, fine steps inside the rink. When losing balance, bend slightly and hold onto your knees to recover the equilibrium.

I have fallen into the ice. But as it is said, it is on rising each time you fall where you learn to gain strength and scream to the world that you can.

Fall 3At one moment you may lose your stance wherever you keep grounded. For another you may get hurt in a countless ways. The chances of getting fallen might de-motivate you in pursuing your every goal and aspiration, but remember we are not into the safe zone  all the time. Roads intertwine along our way, some may go steep and some may be flawlessly ironed yet we should not always make those falls hinder our long seen visions.

When you will get bumped and stumble, make it an opportunity for you to heighten your confidence and enthusiasm. As Walt E. Disney said, “All our dreams come true if we have the COURAGE to pursue them.” Just like in skating, you will never learn to glide if you will not experience falling into the ice. So let those muscles get relaxed, seize the moment and let every fall be your boosting vitality to rise up and reach your dreams.

Be #KEVinspired in one way or another.

P.S. You can collect some mementos as well through their photo packages:




Address: Main Mall, Ground Level, Ocean Drive Side, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City 1300

Telephone: 556-0469 to 71

Operating Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm


Address: Second Level (beside SM Foodcourt), Sm Southmall, Las Piñas City 1740

Telephone: 800-0426

Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm


Service Weekday Weekend/Holidays
Open Skating/Unlimited P300 P390
Locker P30 P30
Assist Program P150/30 minutes P150/30 minutes
Hockey Games P500/game P500/game
Xtreme Gaming“PS3 Gaming with the coolest games in town” P100/hour (single player)P150/hour (two-player) P100/hour (single player)P150/hour (two-player)
Battle Seat Simulator“Drift for Speed” P50/3-6 minutes P50/3-6 minutes
Sled Ride“Experience that Cool Breeze” P100/15-20 minutes P100/15-20 minutes
Hockey Gear Rentals“Play the Game Easier” P400/1 hour (walk-ins)P100/30 minutes (enrolled) P400/1 hour (walk-ins)P100/30 minutes (enrolled)
Massage Corner“Chill on Ice” P20/5 minutes P20/5 minutes

Or visit their website at: http://smiceskating.com/ for more details.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen into (your) Ice”

  1. isa pang kinakatakutan ko ay yung “ma Fall” sa taong hindi ako kayang saluhin .hahaha

    ano kelan na ang bowling tropa?? naka pagskating ka na’t lahat eh. hehehe

    I should not forget the penguin stunt. para kahit papano may magawa naman ako pag sinubukan ko yang skating. :p

    1. Haha. Yun nga naman sana yung point ko kaso binago ko na lang. Haha. Mahirap nga iyon, nagkakaundagaga ka na tapos la ka palang babagsakan…saklap!

      Oo nga eh. Kelan ka ba free sa booking? Hirap kse masyado kang sold out. Lols. Ayun, mga end of May ganun? Uwi kasi ako ng Iloilo sa eleksyon e.

      Yung penguin stunt? Salamat kay kute (ate/kuya) Ace na nagpicture samin. Dahil sa mahirap lang kami at di na kumuha ng Assist Program, akala namin madali lang. Ilang oras nko dun pero di ko pa rin alam yung totoong pag iskates. Haha

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