Enkindled Lights of Peace and Victory

One doesn’t need to travel light years away on space to feel that awesome, galactic serenity.

Amidst the enigmatic states we are currently facing today not to mention the hubbubs and mayhem setting in brought about by the disharmonious relationships from nation to nations, there is now that emergent resounding need to call for World Peace.

968924_10200736081477559_1927025265_nIt may sound too unattainable even to foresee but behind our conscious minds, we are blinded by that simple mantra that everything starts “within”, hence World Peace is through Inner Peace for that matter. Exactly. To some religious faithfuls who promote meditation and self-awareness, it is imperative to note that starting with oneself and obtaining inner peace is the key to let it spread and bring peace as well to others and the entire humankind.

Everyone ardently desires to achieve serenity and create a tranquil world especially today. And by the fact that it is never impossible to attain, I am proud on what my fellow Ilonggos initiated and realized just few days ago (May 24, 2013) which conquered the national scenes as far as defeating the usual appalling news and bad vibes in the air for that very moment.

A Wish of Peace for the World

Philippines Lanterns Guinness RecordThe vast, dark night sky in Miag-ao, Iloilo, Philippines turned into an amazing free-flowing galaxy of lights when a sea of illuminating paper sky lanterns of about 15,185 pieces set aloft bringing harmony across the worlds.

Dubbed as “Inaugural Light of Peace Event in the Philippines: World Peace through Inner Peace,” and organized by the Middle Way Meditation Institute (MMI)-Philippines and its Thailand-based main organization which promotes meditation, the divine endeavor has not only successfully reverberated the message it aims but as well as brought a great feat in besting the past world record of Romania (12,740 lanterns on June 2012) thus hailed by the prestigious Guinness as the most-numbered fly lanterns launched simultaneously at once.

The Thai-manufactured sky lanterns were made of rice paper with bamboo frames which ecologically brought an essential environmental impact “much less than that of fireworks and rubber balloons.” Add up to that, the lanterns did not use fuel oil but tissue paper dipped in wax making it as safe and nurturing to Mother Earth.

Shine bright like lanterns in the sky

854727935_1369315603In our own simple ways, we can make INFLUENCE a significant deed in inspiring and making others live harmoniously in peace. More than the material things, we need sense of calmness, of direction despite what we are hurdling through our lives at this point of time. Just like those sky lanterns sparkling in the blunt sky, we too can make someone else’s life more than dazzling and fueled with peace.

It may be a simple act, but that thoughtful endeavor touched the hearts of many. Those flying lighted lamps carry different moving dreams. Those little sparkling lanterns promise a better future for the world. Truly it shows that when everyone unites, ONE DREAM may turn to REALITY in no time.

I could’ve been there. I could have experienced that amazing moment and be part of history. But I know… more than that, I can still help making that cause a reality. It’s just a matter of inner peace, indeed. Gain it. Feel it.

Shine and make others shine in peace as well.


Be #KEVinspired.

(Photos are grabbed from Google and a friend, Pauleene. Credits to you, folks!)


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