Wiping Out

Tainted by a surfeit of scorching slashes and irrepressible abrasive disposition, you wiped away those glinting pearls scuttling down from the feeble porthole-to-thy-soul. When that smoothly-woven fabric kisses thy cheeks, you engender such feeling of comfort like an infant gently caressed by his nursing mother. I snuffled to regain strength and flee from being enslaved by my current emotion.

Surreptitious of the unfortunate events that had happened; your embrace beguiles me to put back the vitality that was vanished for quite a while. Each strand of your being stitches the missing pieces of the stimulating puzzle I created. Each fiber dries up my lonesome tears and draws me back to the usual blissful stance I portray. Those living centuries past forestalled the concept that wrapping you as a present is taboo which will make someone weep in dreadful awe. But no. Cynically, I am opposing to what they believe and say.

For you alone can console my drooping spirit.
For you alone can install that beaming smile from my lips.
For in you alone I can shed and sob and then recuperate in the end.

Fetal-position can hardly cripple me; I can salvage all energies lost upon your softest touch. More often than not, you were the rope that saved me from drowning onto the cavernous craters of melancholic sea. You absorb all glumness gushing through my weary days. Something unfathomable as though binds us together as one, I believe. Nostalgia would conquer the scenes not having you every single sec of the day. I’ll long to that feeling of you stroking the inner recesses of my depressed core. Because in you I find the serenity I appeal, appeased from all the ennui and worries life bestows.

pochet_process_blue_WLTJBP73For just this morning, just like every day, I have realized your worth in me. As the sun’s heat never failed to seep through my skin and again trigger my glands to secrete relentlessly, I searched for you that might dry me up in comfort. But I got lost… lost in finding you.

Inconspicuously, there are little things which we have forgotten to put much value in our lives. There are those that were left trashed after ages of exploit, there are also those that were taken and used for granted in any way. You know, aside from being valuable to time and timepieces, I also won’t ever feel secured going outside the world without this simply hemmed square of thin fabric with me (or in my pocket). This plain piece of cloth signifies companionship whenever I am being secluded. An ever ready buddy that definitely placates when in need. My emotion-saver. My shock absorber. My sorrow-wiper. It is but the hanky panky.


4 thoughts on “Wiping Out”

    1. ayan o gamitin mo ang blue kong panyo. hehe.
      as long as maintindihan ang nais iparating ah.
      di kasi ako kampante pag la akong dalang panyo lage, lalo na pag mawala. tsk.

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