The PRODUCERS Cinema Trailer

What happens when the producers, the director, and the writer become the main characters in a musical production?

To Mel Brooks, the man who wrote the screenplay of The Producers in 1968, it meant winning a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards, and a series of restaging—more than 2,500 times on Broadway.

On November 15, The Producers lighted up Greenbelt 1’s Onstage. It will run until December 15.

Playing the roles popularized by Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are Carlo Orosa (left) and Topper Fabregas (right), respectively.

G Töngi plays Ulla.

Now here’s to give you a sneak peek into Repertory Philippines’ adaptation of The Producers.

Here’s more! I am also giving away tickets to this event on November 30, 2013.
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