Inside the SANDBOX: Adventure Redefined

Where are you at this hotter season?

  • Staycation (Check)
  • Resort overnights (Check)
  • Island-hopping (Check)

Well, such the typical holiday to note in your yearly journal.

At the expense of the scorching heat of the sun, spending summers through a plunge to white-sand beaches and 9-something-wave inland pools has already been mainstream activities to cool down that Crap-This-Heat-O-Meter. Far from the routinely entrenched getaways the majority takes part into, why not splurge those time-offs and weekends into something EXTRAORDINARY and EXTREME?

You read it right. Today, extremes may not anymore seem to be a luxurious getaway; it can now be right at hand in just a cent and one tumbling away. Put your shades on, pull up your cargos, don your kicks, and off we go to an adventure playground built to re-label outdoor fun.

Along the horizon of mountain ranges and amidst the white plains of Porac, Pampanga, a 1.125 hectare stretch of exciting attractions nestled which is known to be the Sandbox at Alviera. From its confinement last April 12, 2014, it has gradually developed to give families and adventure-junkies a summer paradise of breathtaking actions perfect to help you cross out some unfeasible dreams from your bucket list.


Here’s the list of packages where you can choose from:



Tracing what we have tread upon, we have started to venture in the Avatar One, which Sandbox is most renowned for, as advertised and tried by some personalities on television the year that was. As opposed to the usual straight ziplines mushroomed in the country, this 180-m length zip, course you through like a roller coaster letting you get more thrilled while on the ride. Its unique mechanism paved way for it to be the Philippines’ first among its kind.




If you’re literally finding something that can take your breath away, don’t ever miss going atop this 5-storey tower and conquer your acrophobic disadvantage. Four sides of the tower, aside from the avatar one, also include wall climbing, rappelling and free fall.



Easy as it may seem, but it’s harder when you’re on it. This wall climb is heck deceiving! Indeed, whoever is the lightest and the longest will definitely be hailed as the living Spiderman. All hats Jerome for being one!

Note: Don’t dare instruct others what to do when it’s not your turn yet. You’ll really never know.



Plan to go on a trek as well? Sandbox offers you to feel like you’ve climb the peak as you may also experience rappelling down the tower.

Note: Watch your grip. Always keep your cool.


Hello six-feet-under! If you love your life a lot, try this Free Fall and experience like you‘re jumping down from the very verge of a cliff. That feeling of not knowing what to come next after your next step- CREEPY.


Note: Don’t look down. If in doubt, back out soonest.


This obstacle course of nets, ropeways and hanging bridges will test your agility, balance and coordination which will let you defy gravity and let go of the grounds. Here you must finish every stage by yourself ALONE, even in pushing it to go zipline to another track.

 IMG_6257 IMG_6258

Note: Don’t hug the obstacles too much. Falling hazard.


Old are the days of competing to be the largest eye in town. It’s now the call to defeat this country’s tallest swing. Above all, this exhilarating ride will definitely turn you topsy-turvy in the air.


Come to see Rhoy screaming his lungs out if you won’t dare a try.


Note: Buff guys do scream loud too. Let it go, tough man!


alviera_sandbox_pampanga19There’s also a themed kiddie playground with picnic areas, mini-golf, camping sites, a courtyard and an open field for field sports and other outdoor activities.


IMG_6224For those Robin Hood fans as well, you can hit the apple up above someone’s head with the Archery game at an additional fee. Rates vary depending how long you play.

DISCLAIMER: Never wear any orange shirt as you may be mistaken as one of the crews. Take it from me :/


Whether or not you’re an inveterate adventurer or just trying to get out from your comfort zone, Sandbox will certainly bring you to an ultimate summer experience you never imagined to happen at grasp.


P.S. If you’re trying to move on or you’re amid Kubler-Ross’ Stages of Depression, this is a perfect getaway for you to forget…just anything. (A note from and to some friends out there.)

’til the next adventure!




0530 Five Star Bus Terminal- Cubao P 139.00
0630 ETD going to Dau Terminal, Pampanga
0745 ETA Dau Grand Terminal
0800 Take Jeepney going to SM Clark Terminal 2 P  8.00
0815 Find Jeep going to Sandbox Alviera at Terminal 2 (waiting time: 30 mins)  P 50.00
0840 ETA Sandbox Alviera P 650.0   PACKAGE A
0400 ETD Sandbox Alviera (Ask guards to call out tricycle for you) P  75.00  per pax (2 or 3 per tricycle)
0420 ETA Jeep Terminal Porac to SM Clark P  30.00
0450 ETA SM Clark, Find jepp going to Dau at SM Clark Terminal 1 P  8.00
0500 ETA Dau Grand Bus Terminal P 139.00
0730 ETA Cubao Bus Terminal
TOTAL   P 960.00 per person
Meals exclusive. Sandbox Café only serves snack food. Beware of starvation. Fees may vary through time.

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