About KEV


30821_1204197165512_17375_nThe crestfallen he was known, believed to be the one who was painstakingly jailed into the dungeons of languorous ages, shackled tightly by those malleable emotions which broke him into pieces, deafened by the resounding echoes of the inglorious and forlorn past.  Feeble, weak, an empty shell encapsulated by chitins of cryptic and tormented times..

Concerned to nothing except on what others think and will see…

Worrying nothing except on how to escape and fuse with the world, with people, with everything…

Kevin Spires is my name, an indomitable soul existed to explore and share to the world those long-sought dreams. This is my game.

The KEVINCIBLES however, is a neologism coined from the writer’s first name and his favoured word ‘invincible’ which best depicts his feisty, spirited and impregnable desires to achieving his foregone aspirations.

Bolstered by different experiences the world limitlessly offer every day, this blog endeavors to inspire the same souls that were, or have journeyed akin to the crestfallen’s path and pour out bright lights and hope from every scribbled thought. For all those whose sentimentality oozes in its full-o-meter, let my inked ideas be your guiding star in finding the path you should take. Share with my every experience and unravel what’s good in every word, relate with them and bring back what has been gone for quite a while.


    Let every scribble reverberate the stories of your life.

     Let every memento relive the memories of your past.

      Let my every dream be yours as well.

        Be invincible, be #KEVinspired.


It is the color that seamlessly splashes with the waves of the ocean. The shade that paints the azure skies and heavens above. A standard code during emergencies in a medical institution and healthcare cradles. Sometimes, it’s considered a feeling by somebody who is in monotonous dormancy. Once made to name a soothing song. This is BLUE, a simple hue to which reflects an atmosphere of serenity and tranquil world deep down to my very senses.

Welcome to my world of bluest thoughts and imaginations!

Hope you’ll find peace and inspiration in my every jotting down of experiences..

Come and share with me! Get blued. Be #KEVinspired.


23 thoughts on “About KEV”

  1. Hi Kevin! Cute… we have the same theme. It feels refreshing seeing this theme in a different perspective.
    Yours look colorful and interesting so I followed. I ‘ll pay a visit every time I can. Thanks for the follow as well.
    See you around! Magandang araw!

  2. Blue is the only color that I use to describe a mood, I don’t know anything else. Thanks for the follow. See you around 🙂

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Let my every dream be yours as well. Be KEVINSPIRED.

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