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The Year That Was: 2013

Repeat or Delete. 
Sounds easy at first read, but either way is prerequisite to the process of change. You don’t have to ‘just choose’ between the options and break free, rather it takes a lot of weighing before hitting the precise target. Change is ephemeral, short-lived. We don’t know what would be in store for us later at four, the day after next or in the coming months, but one thing’s certain: in everything that we do, we lived or seem to divine a purpose.
And this is New Year for most of us. The usual time of generating resolutions (where often comes into the collision between the new promises vs. the old year’s habits) that need to undergo deletion or repetition as to my admired speaker Francis J. Kong. Deletion of the not-so-good-things and memories that have brought out weighty baggage on our backs. Repetition of those wonderful mementos that have created remarkable stories of inspiration and contributed to our becoming as better individuals.
Well, as for me, the year that was is very kaleidoscopic. Immersed in a different world, I have gotten along with new people in various forms and brilliance, trampled upon into majestic places and sceneries the world can offer, and most of all, have even reached the end of the rainbow in some of my endeavors.
Now I can say indeed, the year that was slowly baked me into perfection. Deletion would never be my option for that matter.
Subsequently, allow me to marvel you back to the journey that has been.


The usual tandem of Dad and I went on a south trip. First month of the year opened gates for me on my first travels then. Escaping from the metro’s bustles (and from my first heart wound), I appreciate the finest things I see in this little city of Lucena where I felt the serenity seeping through my senses. I dipped into Queen Margarette’s pool at nights and that feeling of a King enthralls me, perfect for an escape that you ever wanted. Next stop entitled us to experience the coolness of Tagaytay. Well, it’s for the nth time may be, but that dream of living in its ambiance still lingers and lingers, and will ever be.   (Hope to get a place in this literally cool abode soon.)



DSC_0864ChinaI don’t like to feature this as the month of hearts (bitter), but let us see this in another dimension (well, for us Chinitos) I suppose. Having been in Manila for a year and a half, t’is the only time I have experienced Binondo at its best. Talking about authentic Chinese and Cantonese dishes, I have tongued my way out of the foodgasms the place can limitlessly offer, not to mention celebrating Chinese New Year for the first time as well with some of my first-known blogger friends.

Nearing to its end too was the yearly Hot Air Balloon Festival where Clark, Pampanga is known for. First time experiences never cease as I have witnessed the festive ballooning event where I only imagined it to happen in my dreams. Thanks to Patrol ng Pilipino Kuya Mac, my mentor then during my TV broadcasting days who’s currently assigned there for making this possible. Certainly, it’s where everything flies.


Summer Paradise it was known. Yes, who could never spend it off far from the urban’s scorching heat? Since I was a kid, I always wished and enjoyed water park experiences esepcially during this sun season. With planned invites from colleagues at work, I never hesitated to bring out those six-packs (of goodies) and bunch of friends on a splash. Summer is as hotter as the awesome activities we have ventured in this mini island in Laguna.

IMG_0197299129_637680649579528_1613542146_nI have also grabbed the chance of dropping by our national hero’s native land which roused my patriotic blood. In my veins runs Pepe, whom I look up to and was been tagged as one (not because of my hair-do) since I was juvenile.



IMG_0199What is more rewarding while working is when you are given the chance to see the world as well. In line with Dad too, we attended the International College of Surgeons (ICS) Convention at Dagupan which made us one of the country’s tastiest milkfish. Going down to later weeks close to my natal day, I took the call to be one with nature as NiteWriter’s Ron sheltered us to their place in Majayjay with blogger troops: Tonto, Nixon, Otep and Taympers. As blogged, the said falls enticed me to splurge in its very cold and pristine waters where truly you could say that we are indeed blessed with so much splendor in this Paradise on earth. This is my first time too to see that water-trickling-down-from-atop right in front of my very eyes for real!

Next stop carried us to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, where that burning faith on Him was strengthened more upon witnessing its resembled Holy Land.



IMG_20130505_220017Just as scribbled in my Making Simple Things Happen post, I strived to collect more first-time mementos and make those wishes be realized. Going extreme is one, and I believe accepting the dare inside the ice rink counts. Thanks to my Chinita partner-in-crime Alyssa for always doing such challenges with me.  Falling and getting bruised is as building up the audacity we need in every strife we take.

Of course, summer would never be as complete without spending it with your family. Having a short vacation in my homeland sufficed me more than being elsewhere in this planet.



The hype to more extremes is getting tougher! The mighty morphine goes back when bespren Jid of KLDKRN and some of his P&A gang climbed uphill Luzon’s tallest as Power Rangers. Not having set foot to any hilly landforms ever since didn’t hinder me to pass through and reach the zenith. Benguet’s Mount Pulag is truly a Heaven at Hand, not to mention being infamous as having the sea of clouds atop. At 2,922 meters above sea level then, I have been once a god on top of the clouds. With all the brags now I can proudly swank that I too, can conquer. This is one of my most loved adventures so far! (Thanks Travel Factor for the trip!)


These guys, Gnomeo, Apes, Fonz, Ielle and Jid were the adventure buddies to almost every quests be it paintball shooting, 10k running, mountain trekking and whatsoever (name it)-trips.


IMG_0204‘Habagat’ season struck yet no disaster can’t stop my travels. Just before the rains heavily poured down its angst upon the Metro’s floors, I have already escaped my way up north. Keep your eyes shut. Foodporn! This is where I’ve tasted another dips of sumptuous meals and seafoods especially during a dine at Matutina’s. Nothing more can be precious than paying a visit to Our Lady of Manaog which is just a stone’s throw away from there. This time, I have come to boost my devotion with the ever Blessed Virgin. 


IMG_0209Up, up and away! Well, how I wish. But hey, the opportunity to get inside the hangar and be left in awe with the actualization of the so-called toys for the big boys is a great treasure! I am very grateful to Scenes & Cuisines’ CJ for giving me this exclusive pass. Opening up Tito Wil’s largest plane, Tita Jamby’s  chop and getting inside Sir Chief and Maya’s shooting aircraft among others already filled my starving dreams for such. I have even tried to sit like a pilot myself too even just for a very short while. This is one privilege and experience I could never forget, which inspired me to fly more and chase various horizons I’ve always yearned.



This is Hydrophilia! It seemed that the waters love me, but no, it’s the other way around. Supposedly, the Power Rangers were set to sail the seas and venture water activities. But due to some unforeseen commitments, three of us were left which never stopped us to push through still! Together with Apes and Fonz, that dream of wrestling with the angry rapids of CDO was fulfilled in its most perfect way. Despite the drizzles (which gave a li’l challenge for us), we paddled our way up for almost 3.5 hours in the 24-rapid sea of monsters. Needless to say, we have surpassed them all. What can you say, Percy Jackson?


Also, that famous white beach can never lurk from us. For three days with one whole day set for Camiguin tour, our quest conquered the whole island! No seas, falls and beaches were left untraveled. Go, go Power Rangers!



IMG_0212Unleash the real you. The Masskarra fest was on! Bacolod’s famous masquerade parade went its way for the month. But prouder to share, the football night games at Panaad Stadium with our very own Azkals (where most grew to where I was) excited me better to a higher degree. ‘Twas a boys nights out as well together with Dad and Lyle (my younger brother) which, in one way or another, opened avenues for us to bond from time to time.  From the football capital I was raised, and seeing my folks play at greater grounds today made me miss those slipper-kickin’ soccer boys we were before. Kudos for all the laurels you’ve brought to us, team!



Traveling by land is more fulfilling to note than any other means. And this is what we chose when we zoomed northernmost of the country, that is to have a glance of the sceneries and wonders in between. Since I am always left Home Alone every Halloween, I’ve looked for some traveling feet to journey with and good thing I found some reps to get along with. Ilocos has always been in my bucket list and never did I imagine that it would be this early. Pagudpud’s tranquil ambiance taught me serenity, Bangui’s windmills made me soar higher in my dreams, Kapurpurawan’s white rocks made me appreciate nature’s majestic hands. Well, this whole travel was nature appreciation basically.


And the Vigan sidetrip (where I’ve been already for a couple of times) never tire to give me that vintage vibes. Come visit and for sure’s all memories are worth.



IMG_0219Yuletide season will never be memorable without the winter feel! Despite planning the trip just 4 hours before pulling off (yes, that’s how abrupt it was), the La Union-Baguio getaway was pushed through. No preparations, no shopping galore, just backpacking and good to go. To top the list in my 10 simple dreams, I really searched for ways on how to go surfing after passing from the Soul Surf Feast in La Union last October, and taddah, I really have it! Surfin’ is akin to living your dreams, no matter how many times you fall, maintaining that zeal and perseverance amidst the crest and troughs will soon bring you to achievement. That’s one thing why I desperately want to try this extreme sport.


Gearing away next, my girls (reps under my team) asked me to bring them to Baguio. And with no backing out, I have set foot again to that winter wonderland for the nth time. Baguio will always be Baguio, that breeze I always wanted is just soooo perfect for me during the Holiday season.


As to some who knew me well, this kind of me today is one who’s deviating from what is typical. I’ve never been too adventurous as how you see it on my year’s travel escapades. There is only one thing I have learned, and it’s traveling the world for all its worth… while they’re still there… while you are young.

That introvert me, who always have his crestfallen before, gradually encompasses the real meaning of living. The year that was is a quest for some unknown treasure, yet it turned out to be as bountiful as it seemed in my wildest imaginations. The bond with family grew stronger. New friends came in and moved me, inspired and helped me get out of my nutshell in so many ways. My career and passion developed me into a one mature young guy which helped me now to be one with the world.

New Year’s resolutions are everyday promises, I believe. You must not only confess to do them at the first day of the year, but every single day that you exist instead.

So now, repeat or delete?

No, rather I must say that I have a lot more of fond memories in my 2013. I hope a lot more will try to unfold in this next page of my life. No repetitions, no deletions, just going with the flow.

Will you come with me? (Wink*)

Ilonggos and Beyond

Like some kind of positive racism, Ilonggos are known to be malambing (gentle, soft-spoken). It is a quality that haunts any Ilonggo whenever they go to another city and are candidly asked to speak the Hiligaynon language. Apparently, the sing-song pattern/intonation of the language tickles the people who come from other regions.

Another form of identity attached to an Ilonggo is the kind that gets depicted in film and television: the atsayor housemaid identity. While it is true that a lot of Visayans (locally called Bisaya, a name technically exclusive to those who are Cebuano-speaking Visayans) move to Manila to work as househelp (submitting themselves to be called one name altogether: Inday), this does not define the Visayan peoples in general. In fact, our world from down here is far grander and more bizaare than what most cosmopolites are used to.

Sizing up an Ilonggo is perhaps one of the most difficult things anyone can attempt to do. What makes an Ilonggo an Ilonggo? What makes them unique? The long-winding history and physical and social elements come into play in shaping a true-blue Ilonggo. Of course, anyone who comes from somewhere would have the same, but for now, this blog is dedicated to Ilonggos in a simple kind of paradigm: A Guide to Understanding an Ilonggo.

1. Ilonggos are generally gentle. We speak softly. There is always a certain amount of meekness in the way we say things, and a smile usually accompanies it. The smiles are most often genuine, unless you are given the sarcastic treatment — which you would be able to sense too. This is one quality that never gets old and we take pride on this, lest we are challenged beyond tolerance.

2. Ilonggos are laid back. It is seldom that Ilonggos rush over work, or appointments or meals. They like things to go winding and taking it easy. It can be annoying to people whose idea of good food is take-out, but down here in Iloilo, we take our sweet time and it ain’t a bad thing because…

3. A lot of Ilonggos are rich. This part deserves an entirely separate blog to explain this bit of information, but to put it simply: Iloilo was the first Queen City of the South and was the center for trade and governance outside Manila. Iloilo has countless banks in every street and corner and families still keep the traditions of the old rich.

Downtown Iloilo ca 1930s (photo courtesy of LIFE Magazine from the Provincial Capitol of Iloilo archives)

4. Ilonggo women are beautiful — it’s like an “Inside-Out” kind of beauty. Add that quality to the genteel language and you get a Filipina as described in myth-like stories. As for the men, the Negrenses hold the title in terms of having more goodlooking males. Whether this has something to do with geography or the volcano, I have no idea.

Rice pounding during the early times (photo courtesy of the Provincial Capitol of Iloilo archives)

5. Ilonggos are the most discriminating foodies. Because good food is a way-of-life in Iloilo (even the poorest can manage to serve proper food to their families here), do not attempt to promise any earth-shaking food experience that you are not sure of. Although the typical Ilonggo would still compliment your food suggestion, you sure will be the next table topic once they get back to the comforts of their comidor.

6. Ilonggos have a difficulty showing appreciation to a particular performance. Clapping seems like a struggle. To make an Ilonggo crowd give a standing ovation is close to getting a miracle. This behavior can be attributed to the elitist quality that have been passed on from the Ilonggo familia regal systems.

7. Ilonggos never, ever show their real financial status with the way they dress or behave in public on a regular occasion. You would see millionaires walking downtown in short pants. Women who own lands of epic proportions do groceries at a wet market and would ride the jeepney. When in social gatherings, the old rich NEVER talk about their wealth and will not attempt to even give you a hint.

8. Ilonggos do not like being belittled. There is quite a good amount of pride running through our veins. Once this part is ticked, it can be dangerous. An outraged Ilonggo is very difficult to appease and are not easily forgiving.

9. Ilonggos are extremely stingy. In a good way, not too much of a Scrooge. They always say ang hirap ng buhay(life is difficult) – but really, that is more like a way of letting you know that you’re splitting the bill. In some places, lean months are pronounced (like August til September). In Iloilo it isn’t really an issue.

10. Ilonggos consider laughter as an assurance that everything is going to be alright. We have been through horrible times and have made it to the headlines, but we continue to celebrate the goodness of life and come together as a community of strong regional identity.

And another thing:

11. Ilonggos are very religious, prayerful and spiritual. I am not saying this just because we are the last stronghold of the Spaniards during the liberation thus acquiring an extraordinary loyalty to the doctrines of the church, but maybe that’s the kind of effect on anybody who comes from a family that equates being an Ilonggo to being religious too. It’s not a bad thing, so there.

The Jaro Tower and the Cathedral

(Reblogged and lifted from: http://www.myiloilo.net/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-ilonggos/)

Culturally Powered as Juan

Half a century of oppression had passed. Bloody battles and colonization left the land. For several years of freedom he was robed in blue as royal as the peaceful sea. His lips are tainted by scarlet red marks of patriotism and valor. He is that ‘three stars and a sun’. He is Juan- born out of cultural blessing and diversity.

You know, culture has been an influential tool in making us cognizant of what happened on our past. Substantially, it drives us to realize the essence of our present generation. It is but a solid reminder that we have to abide, to retain and respect however diverse circumstances seem.

juanIt is Juan dela Cruz, the national epitome of the Philippines often used to represent the Filipino, anyone of us. He thought of every simple thing as insigne of his race, of his long-treasured and well-cultivated culture. From among the nations of the world, he considers himself weak who barely has any riches to take pride in.

This is Juan. And this is me. Yet feeble as we are, I never realized that this pauperism otherwise revealed the mighty powers we possess.

One of our treasured strengths is language & music. Geographically, we’re sundered by seven thousand islands in eighty-seven tongues. At first it may seem perplexing to converse diversely, but we are one people when we sing. The Kundimans from the North answers the reverberating strums of lutes from South. Young men croon their girls by the window at the rice fields. Under the coconut trees, Visayans are there singing their self-made songs. Through this, we share in harmony the mutual language of music. Let this be an inspiration for the world to unify amidst diversities. We sing and speak different notes and languages but let those alien speeches be our linking chains to form camaraderie, to tighten hand grasps in times of adversity. Let neither blood nor race discriminate those we strangely understand. Let those unfathomable defy the odds to know and acknowledge one another. This is one unique Filipino trait: we battle not through bombs or guns but we scuffle through voices and pens instead.

Faith draws us closer to our gods. This is our other armor, our Faith. Juan honors not only one god but plenty of them. Although Christianity conquered the majority, there are still those natives who kneel to their Bathalas, the Muslims who abstain and fast for several days, the Baptists preaching their bibles along the way, the atheists of no belief and so forth. I believe the world is not as far as having this religious disparity but just like Juan, nations must also come to realize oneness even different deities are revered. Let our varied faiths move ONE mountain then, for we are one people when we pray.

tumblr_m5359rUKik1rw3ua9o1_500Now what make us also unique from the rest- our native values. And these again are our valuable powers. I can always remember those huts walking down the streets to transfer for a new place during calamities. This is cooperative endeavor or “bayanihan” which makes me appreciate family and brotherhood. Those simple gestures of doing “mano” or taking the hand of an elder towards your forehead, those kisses to parents whenever you go out or arrive home respectively, those taking off of slippers when entering another else’s home- such petty things that depict a sign of utmost respect to authorities make me proud of where I’ve grown, hoping that the world too may appreciate and see RESPECT as every culture’s value.

To become the vanguard of peace to this world, let every nation recognize, learn and respect another’s culture. We all have different practices, but a better future is more achieved if these differences are accepted to drive a CULTURAL WORTH.

For Juan who’s standing for us Filipinos, these are the bonds that hold us together. And as long as there remains in these islands one native to sing a self-made song, one priest to stand at the altar, and one hand to give the elderly respect, the world will no more be living with withered culture. We are one. All nations too must radiate these powers as Juan.

Jose Rizal

(This essay is another endeavor to make the Philippines known and reach the world by far just in time as well of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthday.)

I’ve Fallen into (your) Ice

If there is one thing I hate the most, it is falling.

In this circle of life, you might encounter different scenarios wherein you’re in the verge of a perilous fall, or almost. Might that be on an edge of a cliff, under an ongoing construction site of a skyscraper, biking on that serrated road or even into the arms of someone you get obsessed with. Crazy, but these sometimes bring us into consternation.

On a serious note, I have fears on driving myself into those situations (especially on the latter piece) where actually there is always that inevitable leeway of getting HURT. No band-aids can heal the wounds marked by trippin’ over from such occasions. I personally despise being lacerated by the reality that we are all prone to all kinds of falling debris brought about by this insidious world.  Getting bruised or dumped however often leads us to several realizations which seemed forsaken. Each fall creates not a trench of desolation but deep craters of learning experiences that enliven up our weaknesses towards achieving a valiant heart enough to face this tricky hole called life.

Anyway, since summer isn’t over yet, I’ve found ways to escape this archipelagic oven again. Back to my younger years, I always wished to snow during summer season to battle the despicable warmth it conveys. Add up to that, I also yearned to set inside a rink and glide my way freely as if I’m the happiest in the world.

And so goes Ice Skating. Having been situated near the equator consequently destined to experience summer season as this hot, Philippines has innovated its way to cool down those hot-tempers and brought the ice for real for years already.

Very unlikely to have it at first to a tropical country like the Philippines, it really did come to life when the first 849 sq. meter ice skating rink in the country opened up on September 4, 1992 inside one of the largest malls in Asia then. For years, it has become one of the unusual but well-liked recreational activities of Filipinos, kids and young-at-heart alike, which subsequently turned out to a fun sport everyone loves.

To date, the latest and largest is widely present in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City with the other one located at SM Southmall in Las Piñas City.

Realizing that dream to skates, I made my way out for a day to enjoy the UNLIMITED Skating SM MOA Ice Skating offers.

First up, secure a P390.00 fee for an admission pass. Prices vary and cost higher during weekends by the way. That’s enough already to submit yourself for one heck of a gliding day. For children who need their adult aides, a companion pass of P100.00 will be charged.  First time to wear those boots? Wanna indulge into the cool breeze but scared of getting hurt? No biggies to that as they also offer an Assist Program at P150.00 where you will be given a 30-minute tutorial on the basics of getting through it. If you happened to bring a lot of stuffs and plan to overspend the day, you might rent a locker for P30.00 and voila, no worries for your precious possessions!


Upon securing all dues, heads up now for the entrance! Skaters will be given an identification wrist tag which is barcoded to ensure every customer’s entries and exits. This one’s pretty cool, but be sure to follow the instructions on how to keep it effective. There are crews that would reach help once customers overcrowd the gates anyway.

Wrist Tag


Getting there means fitting your boot size then. Just after the gates you will see boot sizes to fit in for you to gauge what should be the right thing for you. Have these reminders be accomplished subsequently.


Once preferred comfortable size is confirmed, you must head on next to the booth rental station. Here you have to file up and wait for your turn. Booth designs may be different for you from the others but it doesn’t matter anyway.


Immediately after receiving your respective boots, find your place on the benches available and don your snow boots. Be careful of its base edges, you might hurt someone next to you.



TIP: Tie your boots securely and may round the lace on your lower legs to fasten more. Let the knots be shorter to avoid any slips during the glide.  

Tie the lace

All set

You’re now ready to hit the ice!

After Boots

But before that, consider reading the house rules to keep the game on the safer zone. If you have reserved a locker, it’s then time to let your baggage be stored.

TIP: As much as possible, never accessorize. Falls are foreseeable; body accessories will cause further harm. Leave whatever gadgets as well to avoid possible breakage.

House rules


Locker Number

All set and there you go! Skating is fun and challenging, but gradually it can be learned. Once on ice, always keep that confidence, no shakes, just relax and expect getting drooped.

 Step 5

Inside the rink

MOA Skating RInk

TIP: For first-timers, you can do the penguin stunt to walk on ice. That’s putting your ankles together and spreading your toes apart and doing small, fine steps inside the rink. When losing balance, bend slightly and hold onto your knees to recover the equilibrium.

I have fallen into the ice. But as it is said, it is on rising each time you fall where you learn to gain strength and scream to the world that you can.

Fall 3At one moment you may lose your stance wherever you keep grounded. For another you may get hurt in a countless ways. The chances of getting fallen might de-motivate you in pursuing your every goal and aspiration, but remember we are not into the safe zone  all the time. Roads intertwine along our way, some may go steep and some may be flawlessly ironed yet we should not always make those falls hinder our long seen visions.

When you will get bumped and stumble, make it an opportunity for you to heighten your confidence and enthusiasm. As Walt E. Disney said, “All our dreams come true if we have the COURAGE to pursue them.” Just like in skating, you will never learn to glide if you will not experience falling into the ice. So let those muscles get relaxed, seize the moment and let every fall be your boosting vitality to rise up and reach your dreams.

Be #KEVinspired in one way or another.

P.S. You can collect some mementos as well through their photo packages:




Address: Main Mall, Ground Level, Ocean Drive Side, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City 1300

Telephone: 556-0469 to 71

Operating Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm


Address: Second Level (beside SM Foodcourt), Sm Southmall, Las Piñas City 1740

Telephone: 800-0426

Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm


Service Weekday Weekend/Holidays
Open Skating/Unlimited P300 P390
Locker P30 P30
Assist Program P150/30 minutes P150/30 minutes
Hockey Games P500/game P500/game
Xtreme Gaming“PS3 Gaming with the coolest games in town” P100/hour (single player)P150/hour (two-player) P100/hour (single player)P150/hour (two-player)
Battle Seat Simulator“Drift for Speed” P50/3-6 minutes P50/3-6 minutes
Sled Ride“Experience that Cool Breeze” P100/15-20 minutes P100/15-20 minutes
Hockey Gear Rentals“Play the Game Easier” P400/1 hour (walk-ins)P100/30 minutes (enrolled) P400/1 hour (walk-ins)P100/30 minutes (enrolled)
Massage Corner“Chill on Ice” P20/5 minutes P20/5 minutes

Or visit their website at: http://smiceskating.com/ for more details.

Havoc to Remember

      Tomorrow’s gotta be another day. Certainly, I can attest to that. Though things may seem to flow smoothly these past few days, okay routinely I must say where all I had to do is spill off the sand sprinkling from my daily hourglass like how the usual goes, this very day captured everyone’s attention, literally EVERYONE as not only me, but almost the entire archipelago wakes up in the midst of the wavy oceans of fear and cryptic tragedy.

         It was Tuesday and not so special day for me supposedly. Rising up in my not-so-usual-time to prepare for my morning bite, it was as though my Mom pulls me off from my bed like before when I had no choice but wake up that early due to the deafening roars of the heavens simultaneously capturing me by flashes of light like it’s a photo op day.  Terrified. Headlined that night before was to anticipate a gloomy weather caused by southwest monsoons for today, not like this encapsulating darkness of horror for a very early morning rush!

        Strange. It really did appear one. I was puzzled by how the events came in a kaleidoscopic view, disorderly for that matter. I own the house that very moment while my Dad and the rest were still in their deep sleep. Peeping by the gates outside for a clearer scene, I saw a fast moving current of muddy stream gushing down the hilly streets from afar, yes, I’ve seen not a road instead.  Okay, this is already havoc, I said to myself. And one thing: this could already be the truest movie-title denotation of The Wrath of the Titans; no I mean, of Nature instead, the real version.


       “Sometimes, what keeps us away from perceiving the real thing is our subconscious disbelief to ourselves and our God.”

        Nature’s wrath starts to rage our worlds now. And I began to be adsorbed by the paranoia that’s taunting me. It’s the doomsday. The two by two’s on Noah’s Ark. No, it’s 2012: partying like it’s the end of the world. The Revelation. Waaaaaahhhhh!!!! Panic.

         That was tough! Hey but seriously, as I skimmed through the daily tribune for that day and switched the television to the newsroom, I was flooded by pictures and video stories of the live happenings outside the metro. Philippines is surfaced by waist to neck-deep flash floods which even trended up to the different social networking sites which I have opened. My heart stumbles in dismay as the catastrophe got more serious and serious every hour of the day.

On news break:

Southwest Monsoon causes heavy rainfall in Metro Manila


      “Treating everything as a blessing differentiates the possible from the impossible as optimism brings forth the rainbow at every end of the rain of life.”

      Now, from this current saddening enigma we’re facing, I spent the day together with my pen and ironically ventured to a meaningful journey which gave birth to these dissected realizations:

What spares us Filipinos from the rest? It’s the tourism slogan!  Who could afford to smile and never brag about the disastrous situation they’re facing? Who could take snaps of poses amidst the crest and troughs of water currents? Talking about business, who can still think of unique ideas to enjoy earning in the middle of the deluge? Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines! – a simple proof clearly depicting what it tries to promote. It’s the ingenuity of this race that stands out when put into these kind of situations. Unmindful of the protesting groans of their tummies, those unfortunate families still beam their gleaming smiles seeing hope in these waters gushing through.



         “More than any prominent and famous superheroes everyone has named, it is the hero in us that defines the real essence of such word- unnamed yet genuinely alive.”

          With the plight of such tragic incident come forth the innate traits of valiance and bravery. It is in this calamity that brought out the heroic side of every Filipino. Social media has been a witness to such endeavors made by those fortunate to shun the fangs of the plucky monsoon. The streets were submerged not to mention the networking sites which were also flooded by woes of empathy and compassion by supporters around the globe to help the country on rising up. These may just be through text brigades, hashtags and post shares but they have already moved the hearts of those crippled victims. Volunteer rescuers and relief operations instantly and rampantly washed out all the worries and fears leaving hope to each and everyone. Certainly, harmony springs from every downpour of life.

As they say there’s a rainbow always after the rain. And it’s true. Literally, that colorful arc may not come out in front of our sight, but deep within us that thought would always live in our hearts giving us hope to rising up and a fresh beginning to starting anew.

     Luckily, I may not have experienced the effects of such disaster as my fellows did, but it still sound like I was in it too. Such awful incident woke up my consciousness leading me to scribble such thoughts which are worth the bad weather. Now is the very time to be stewards of the Paradise He has bequeathed us. Now that together we have been splattered by nature’s wrath and together too we have survived, may that experience wash away the hideous side of us. And together in our memory will live this havoc to remember..

Here’s more of what had happened..

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