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From being immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday, I now begin to see social media posts of different sceneries, lads bearing weights and overdosing wheys, girls shunning every carb on plates, henna tats pierced through many skins, and sunnies shown off in every corner of the streets. For a year after the other, I can now feel again the scorching heat seeping through my dainty membranes…

Taddah! This only means one thing- summer’s inception, baby! Finally, it has arrived. The most anticipated season where everyone plans to escape outside this metropolitan oven we are trapped in every single day. Better off be ready for this one’s gotta be another crossing-out-the-bucket-list story we’ve been waiting for!

Being as atypical and unconventional travel junkie as I am though, I wanted to flee and tread another path off the beaten track, up above the peaks together with my “Power Rangers” team. I missed  clambering up to the zeniths, breathe in fresh, clean air and be one with Mother Nature. Mind you however, preparation is a bit “pissing” especially when your excitement overpowers your capacity to become unwavering.

Folks, worry no more! With the rampant ballooning of new technologies and internet invasion, shopping has now come easy to our fingertips. Lazada, the Philippines’ one-stop-online-shop will save your day and help you pack everything you need just in time this summer.


From a wide variety of products and brands, this successful e-commerce tool made way to reach us out even to our doorsteps.  Yes, delivery at its fastest. To add more, it goes with a regular discount voucher promos which could hardly tear off your precious secret pockets. EFFORTLESS SHOPPING indeed!

Going back to my planned getaway, let me share to you Five of my Must-have Items readily available at Lazada:

First off, sporting with a cool backpack is hotter for trekking trips, isn’t it? This heavy-duty tactical rucksack will surely keep every valuables safe and secured. I used to prefer bags with many compartments for me to just slide through everything in a snap. It’s water resistant too, thus making me want it more. It would be just perfect to be my camping-buddy.

Lazada Bag

Alongside every journey, who would want a lonesome trip all along?  While inching to our destinations, this waterproof stereo MP3 will  sure to entertain, if not lull me to sleep during long hours of travel. Plus, it’s waterproof that I could bring it with me in dips and splurges to rivers and waterfalls lying ahead our itineraries.

Lazada MP3

Trekking is but a long journey that sometimes we have to make a halt and rest to spend the night. Lazada makes it amazing! This is no problemo as they have a tent available bundled with a solar LED lamp and sleeping bag all in just one affordable purchase! Where in the world could you find such offer as this?!

Lazada tent

Also, in between rest periods and while feeling the wondrous masterpiece of creation, I feel to bring with me binoculars to peep through closer with natural wonders. This might be an awesome one to have.

Lazada Binoculars

Lastly, who could ever forget one precious invention when traveling? Be it through phone, a digital or pro one, pictures still paint a thousand memories especially this selfie generation, thus a camera in either forms is a MUST. Well for me, an affordable sports action  one will surely suffice.  Whatever activity we are into, this comes very handy and light in stealing some photo ops along the way.

Lazada Action Cam

So there you have it, folks! Yes, we all have our own picks on what to bring during our summer escapades. But one thing’s vital, pack ahead and remember to shop through Lazada when everything seems tough and lacking. Just pick and go, name it and they surely have it.

If there’s one mall saying they’ve got it all,  then Lazada has its own version within the web-o-sphere too. And they definitely got MORE than all.

 Have a LAZADA-BEST summer everyone!

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